Our Trip to Freiburg, Germany | Black Forest, Germany

Our Trip to Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is a super cute town in the Black Forest, that we just LOVED. One thing that has been fun about traveling in Germany is just seeing how unique and special each town is. Freiburg is known as Germany’s sunniest city and also the capital of the Black Forest. We just did a car day trip from Heidelberg and also explored parts of the Black Forest, but some friends recently rented a tree house and stayed in the Black Forest for the weekend, which also sounded really fun. Where we parked, we just happened to walk right up to the St. Martin Tower or the Martinstor, which I just LOVED. My kids celebrated St. Martin’s Day with some sweet friends in North Carolina before we moved to Germany, so they loved celebrating it in Heidelberg, too. (You can read more about St. Martin’s Day here) If you’ve been following my instagram stories, you probably know that I’ve been collecting a little German village, which my kids just love. We walked into a little shop in Freiburg by the church that happened to be selling some of the village, and so we got the St. Martin’s Tower, just so special. When we are in smaller towns, we love following the Rick Steve’s city walks. It’s perfect for this town (you can get the Rick Steve’s Germany book here) I like having the kindle versions because it’s easier to highlight, smaller to carry around with you out in cities, but sometimes you can’t get every book in the Kindle version.


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Outside the Town hall buildings, you can find the coat of arms from Freiburg’s sister cities.black forest freiburg germany039P I N this to pinterestblack forest freiburg germany040P I N this to pinterestGoiters were so common in the Middle ages that they were included in the gargoyles. This house also has a little plaque to show that Erasmus visited there.black forest freiburg germany041P I N this to pinterestblack forest freiburg germany042P I N this to pinterestblack forest freiburg germany043P I N this to pinterestOn the church, you can see the different sizes that bread should be so customers weren’t cheated when buying bread at the market. You can also see how the sizes changed during different years.black forest freiburg germany044P I N this to pinterestThe church has a very special gargoyle which the boys, of course, thought was hysterical. (You can read about it here.)black forest freiburg germany045P I N this to pinterestblack forest freiburg germany046P I N this to pinterestThey finally found the gargoyle. Notice the beautiful Historical Merchant’s Hall behind them.black forest freiburg germany047P I N this to pinterestAnother thing we loved about Freiburg are these! So beautiful and made out of Rhine River Stones. They match their building. (knife shop)black forest freiburg germany048P I N this to pinterestThe Swabian Gate – It has pictures of salt mining and also a reminder to stay on the right path (picture of a person pulling a thorn out of their foot) as they exit Freiburg. black forest freiburg germany049P I N this to pinterestThe little canals were just so cute. I was worried I was going to end up falling before we left Freiburg, because I kept forgetting about them when going in and out of the two shops we went in. They are called Bachle and were built to stop fires – they could flood the streets and also a source of water.black forest freiburg germany050P I N this to pinterestThis part of the city was my favorite! So beautiful.black forest freiburg germany051P I N this to pinterestblack forest freiburg germany052P I N this to pinterestblack forest freiburg germany053P I N this to pinterestblack forest freiburg germany054P I N this to pinterestThey also sell adorable little boats for the kids that they can sail in the little canals. It is a legend that if you fall in, you have to marry a Freiburger which we still joke with the kids about. black forest freiburg germany056P I N this to pinterestblack forest freiburg germany057P I N this to pinterestWe loved just how unique Freiburg is, and it’s perfect little spot to explore the Black Forest from. Also, across from Starbucks is a super cute bakery worth a stop. When we were there, they had white chocolate asparagus! (White asparagus is big in Germany this time of year.