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Girls Trip to Waco

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cell phone images from our trip

I just want to start this post by saying that this was a super quick trip. We have all been friends since we were fourteen years old. It is hard to get everyone all together, but so worth it when we do. It all started over a conversation we had over brunch several months ago, when we were all able to get away for a minute and just hang out. We looked at the dates several times and finally decided on Wednesday – Friday. We were planning around not being there during the weekend since it would be busy, and there was a big Baylor game and a three day weekend, so we wanted to stay away from all of that. So that I got to do carpool Wednesday, we left later that night. We got there late Wednesday night and stayed in Austin. The next morning, we were up earrrrly. I mean crack of dawn. I think we left Austin around 6:15 in our rental car for Waco to try to avoid Austin traffic and also get to Magnolia Table before the line got too crazy. There is one highway that takes you straight from Austin to Waco so it was an easy drive. Let me tell you though, there is a pretty intense roundabout when you get off the highway and try to get to the restaurant. We were all in tears we were laughing so hard. It took a few tries, but we finally figured out how to actually get into the Magnolia Table parking lot. The girls dropped me off out front where you check in, which was good, because a few minutes later there was a really long line. The inside of Magnolia Table is just so pretty so we, of course, spent several minutes oohing, and ahhing. Ashley and I had been doing some paleo eating recently, but that all went out the window for this trip. We ordered everything – lavender and lemon donuts, chocolate croissants, pumpkin and zucchini bread..yum, yum, and more yum. I also had this amazing lavender latte that I’m still pining for, and the breakfast tacos, delicious! I didn’t think we needed to eat anything else the rest of the trip, ha! (but did we eat so much, yes!) So, if you are at the restaurant, it has it’s own gift shop. If you want anything at that gift shop, you have to buy it there, because they do not sell the restaurant gift shop items at the silos or online. The restaurant also closes early, so it’s best to just get it while you are there.

    After our amazing experience at the restaurant, we headed to the silos. Just so pretty, love it, love it. We spent some time walking outside looking at the garden and meandering before we went into the store. The outside area is nice because there are a lot of shaded picnic tables and the food trucks frame the outside of the area. (There was one food truck that just sold different types of sweet tea in mason jars, yum!) Because we went on a Thursday, it really was not that crowded. The store was probably the most crowded of everything. (I think we actually bought more at the restaurant gift shop.) It was bigger than I thought it would be after reading online, and it was fun to shop around and see all the pretty displays. We all ended up with a little something. After shopping and sampling the food trucks (I really don’t know how we ate anything after our breakfast) we went to the bakery. The line was out the door and down the street a little bit, but the line moved really fast. The cupcake, oh my, amazing! I am pretty picky about cupcakes, but this was DELICIOUS. And probably the fact that I had not been eating much sugar before this trip, everything tasted amazing. We all got a few cookies, (which I highly recommend)so we snacked on them the rest of the trip. The chocolate chip and silobration cookies were delicious. This was a super fun girls trip, and we were all so glad we had the chance to go. I seriously enjoyed every second. We drove around Waco a little bit, and also went by and saw Chip and Joanna’s farm. If you go to Waco Thurs-Sat right now, they are also having a warehouse sale, too, at the first Magnolia location. (see more info here) I don’t think the silos or restaurant are open on Sundays, so if you are planning a trip, you will want to plan around that.  Thursday evening we spent on South Congress in Austin, shopping and eating tacos, and on Friday, we headed home. (Super quick, but super fun trip!)  Overall, it was such a wonderful girls weekend! If you’re planning a trip, feel free to email me with any questions!