Raleigh Christmas Truck Mini Sessions Photographer | Little Blue Truck

   Little Blue Truck

Raleigh Christmas Truck Mini Sessions Photographer

I was really excited when Ericka and I chatted about Little Blue Truck Christmas Mini Sessions. These were just so much fun at Back Achers Christmas Tree Farm in Raleigh. We had perfect weather, and all of the kiddos were jus so excited about the blue truck. I love the props Ericka picked out so much, too! The little tree and the lantern were adorable. These two boys together are so so cute, and I love all of the images of this sweet family.

I have to admit, I’m not a huge winter fan. (Being cold is my least favorite thing, ever) Michael bought me tickets to a play in NYC for Christmas and I asked if we could push it out to Spring, ha! I don’t even own a coat warm enough for NYC and we usually don’t need one that warm here in North Carolina….although this week is pretty frosty. But, I have to say, Christmas is a part of winter and I love Christmas. Ok, best parts of winter 1.Christmas. 2.Christmas break (see a trend here) 3.Snow Days (I like looking at the snow and being outside for about five minutes, ha!) 4.Hot chocolate every.single.day. 5.Reading Good books. I have more time in winter to read, which is my favorite! What’s your favorite part of winter?

Special Thanks to Back Achers Tree Farm and Carolina Classic Car Rentals 

Styled by Little Apple Styles

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