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Another Session With Luna

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As a new driver..I must have been sixteen or seventeen, I got in my car after school one day to drive like three miles down the street. As soon as I got on the road, the skies opened up and the craziest storm came through. It was just horrible. I felt almost like I was in the wizard of Oz and farm animals were going to start flying by soon. It was just that bad. I finally made it safely to my Dad’s store but the main road I had to cross in all of that mess was just scary because I couldn’t see a thing. Ok, so after that whole traumatic day, wind + storms has not been my BFF. Like, I cannot stand the wind storms. And we really barely get anything bad here. (I could not live anywhere with tornado sirens.) So of course, the news has me stressing today + trying not to watch the weather. The wind already has the creepy howl. ugh. Hoping we do not have to huddle in the bathroom tonight + these scary storms stay away. (If it is storming, you will always find me hiding in the bathroom)

So I have to tell you, this family has the sweetest puppy named Luna. She will just steal your heart. I know Garrett is going to love growing up with her + having their own “Henry and Mudge”adventures. (My boys lovvve reading Henry and Mudge, especially Harrison, who has started asking for his own big dog.) This Mama is so creative + crafty and their house is just decorated so amazing! Such a sweet family – loved photographing this sweet baby boy – cannot even believe he is one. I got such a kick out of his sweet little personality!

According to Mom…

What kind of feel were you thinking for your session? real, everyday, silly and fun!

Who are the members of your family and a quick fact about each one.

Luna- our English Lab, she’s 10 years old and the most laid back doggy there is, she’s always been an old soul.
Luke– Dada, Computer geek and outdoor enthusiast…a real Mr. fix-it both technologically and home improvement…ha ha ha!
Patti- Mommy, former elementary educator and antique enthusiast…LOVES a good DIY project!!!!\
Garrett– aka “G” for short, one year old, loves to tell stories with his hands (in baby talk) ha ha ha, also an outdoor enthusiast, and feels that sleep is overrated! ha!

What was the weather like the day of your session? March is always a gamble…ha ha ha… the week before our session we had snow…and our day was luckily 55 and sunny!!!! Thank GOODNESS!

What was the best part of your session? Trying to get Garrett‘s attention was REALLY hard…and trying to get him to smile while looking in the direction of the camera was EVEN harder, so Luke was throwing a soccer ball up and down over Beck’s head…which worked so well, that during our family shots we all had genuine smiles watching Becky trying not to knock herself on the head while throwing the ball up and down, and taking our photos!!!! Too funny!

Tell me about the outfits you wore to the shoot. Garrett wore a teal oxford from Carters that made his strawberry hair color and his blue eyes pop. His jeans wear Cat and Jack from Target. They are great for crawling active little ones. Garrett doesn’t walk by himself yet, but he was wearing baby Tom’s shoes, that are perfect for practicing!
Luke is a t- shirt and jeans kind of guy, so he wore a pail yellow and grey patterned banana republic polo shirt with jeans.
Patti wore a lace top from Anthropology, her favorite worn out jean jacket that she got from her bff years ago, and black jeans.
We wanted to keep our clothing real, casual, and easy, with a hint of Springtime.

What props did you bring and why? we brought a cream blanket for a family “pile on” shot
A crate- for Garrett to sit on or stand up with
A baby photo from our newborn session with Becky, to compare how much he’s grown (we’d like to do this every year!)
A few toys to try to get Garrett‘s attention.

What words of wisdom do you have for other families preparing for a session? Just roll with it…if you are having fun, and being yourself it will show through in the pictures…if you are stressed or trying to get your little one to do/be anyone other than who they are…the pictures won’t be as good. Just laugh and enjoy! They may not smile in every photo, but that’s ok!

What’s your favorite family weekend activities? Taking a walk with the family, letting Garrett show off new skills in his playroom, enjoying the outdoors (weather permitting) Garrett loves to swing!

Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? Only about the temp being too cold…we didn’t want to wear big coats or hats for our pictures:)

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