Strawberry Picking Tips Raleigh NC

Strawberry Picking Tips Raleigh NC

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Article by Ericka of Little Apple Styles

My kids love any and every fruit.  We are so lucky to live in between so many farms! The Little Apple family has surely taken advantage of the strawberry season.  We stop by at least twice a week, in between carpools, to kill some time and Ethan is quite popular. I soon realized he is known by name  because I tend to call him a million times while we are there…Ethan come here, Ethan stop, Ethan do not eat that, Ethan we have to pay for it first, Ethan NOT THE FLOWERS….three year olds!

While growing up, Mr. Little Apple spent most of his summers on Alabama Farms helping his grandparents/uncles in their fields.  He has mad fruit picking skills!  He can pick the sweetest and juiciest strawberries like nobody I know.  He has been teaching our kids – and I have been trying to learn by osmosis.  Recently I compiled a list of tips for a friend – and decided to share them with you.  If you are a novice like me – it will come handy specially when going with kids!

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– Check the weather before you leave.  April AND May showers bring the flowers in NC for sure!

– Bring extra cash, most farms will have knick knacks, plants or snacks to purchase while in there.  Our favorite purchases are homemade Ice Cream and fresh strawberry preserves.

– Don’t pick berries with green tips – those are not ripe.

– Strawberries are delicate fruit and bruise easily.  Be gentle when placing in your basket. They will last longer if they are unblemished

– Do not pick the flowers.  Strawberry flowers turn into strawberry fruits.  Farm attendants will get mad at you if they see flowers in your basket, or in your hair.  Do not ask me how I know this!

– Do NOT wash the strawberries until you are ready to eat them.  Unwashed strawberries store better and longer.

– Strawberries store great in mason jars while refrigerated.  The mason jar lid creates a tight closure.  If you want a fresh flavor consume within a week.

– Lastly, my best kept secret for picking the best strawberries: Bring a small basket, let your kids pick 5-6 strawberries each… and buy the ones pre-picked by the Farm staff. There, I said it!

While we had been enjoying our strawberries in between errands, the rain did not let us document our adventures as often as I was planning too.  I was able to convince Becky to join us one afternoon. The weather app was giving us a 30 minute window of no rain, and the light looked perfect…until we arrived there. The sun decided to welcome us in a very hot and bright way.  The sun was blinding us and we were sweaty messes – but we were determined!  Becky managed to get fantastic photos regardless – but it was definitely an adventure.

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