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Ok I did it – I’m switching back to paper! I will be honest. I grew up loving a paper planner, but I haven’t used one in years. Maybe after teaching for five years, where all I did was plan entire days all day long (so much planning!) I honestly didn’t know what do with myself Owen’s first year, I had stopped teaching, and planning my days got a lot simpler. So, you see, I have a lot of experience with planning. (but also a lot of experience with planning burnout!)

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After seeing so much chit chat and good reviews on several planners, this year I decided to take the plunge and try a paper planner again. Now before I say anything else, let me tell you about my super amazing planning organization I have had the past few years.

1.Google Calendar. There are so many great options/apps for online planning, but I have just been using google calendar because it’s free, synced to my e-mail, and Michael and I could sync our schedules together. I still try to put big things on there if I remember. I have all kinds of problems with the cloud and syncing my phone/computer so this has always been frustrating to me. I’m sure it’s an easy fix but I seem to be technology challenged in this area.

2.E-mailing myself to do lists. I love my dad so much, and he has taught me so much about staying on top of things, I could go on and on. I’m so thankful for his wisdom and leadership in my life. In high school, he used to leave a to do list by my car keys so I wouldn’t forget anything important. This was around the time, I used to write my own to do list, too, on a piece of notebook paper before I went to sleep, and then yes, put it on the floor where I would see it right when I woke up. When I finally joined the smartphone/e-mail world, I just started e-mailing a list to myself the night before. I need to do lists and reminders, or I will honestly just forget – especially with little ones running around all day. I am usually exhausted when emailing this to myself and sometimes email it to someone else because I’m not really paying attention – ha! Erin Condren has a few different layouts – when picking a planner, I loved that this one had tons of room for my daily to do list, and I can cross them off during the day. (So fun to cross things out and knowing that I am getting things done!

3.Notes on my phone. A friend told me a few years back, why aren’t you adding lists in notes on your phone, so I have had endless amounts of lists in notes, and I still use it sometimes.

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There are a few popular planners out there, and there are some also geared toward photographers, so I looked through all of them. I will be honest, I loved the features of this planner, but I also loved that this one has photo cover options that are interchangeable. You can switch out the cover during the year – how cool is that!

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There are a lot of motivational quotes in the planner, it’s super colorful and it also comes with some fun freebies. (compliment cards, referral cards, do it all dot stickers and coil clips. There’s also a few other extras) I realllly love the bright stickers. Some have birthday, etc on them, but I love that I can write a session or something else important on the blank ones, and they will really stand out on my calendar. I did also order some of the personalized ones for my barre class, swim lessons, etc. The decorative stickers are super cute, too, so I may have to order a few of those.

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If you decide to join the paper planning club, click here for 10.00 off using my referral link! Happy planning, and don’t forget to use your Rebecca Keller Photography images on the cover! (And if you order one with one of your RKP images, please send me a photo!!!!)

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