Wake Forest Family Photography – Everyone needs their blankie

Oh, I just love this location, and it was so much fun to photograph this sweet family again! I first met them for their maternity portraits when they were waiting on baby sister to arrive. Graham is the sweetest big brother, and it was so cute to see the two of them together. Gorgeous fall evening for a photoshoot – it was still a little bit warm but got cooler as the session went on. I miss those days! I feel like the forecast is just freezing and freezing. (Wasn’t it just in the 70s?!? I think someone mentioned snow being in the forecast in the next few weeks!?!?! I will have to break out my umbrella hat)

Oh, and I love the photo at the end, Everyone needs a photo with their blankie and their pacifier….and maybe their favorite snack,too. Love, love, love.

According to Mom…

Why did you choose this session location, and what was the weather like the day of your session? We loved the idea of the white fence and it was a setting we had not used before. It was chilly that day but comfortable fall weather. By the time we ended and the sun was going down, our kids were definitely ready to be bundled up!

Who are the members of your family and a quick fact about each one! Aaron is a high school math teacher and Jennifer works as a nonprofit fundraiser. They moved to Raleigh two years ago and Becky was one of the first people we met because we called her to do our maternity session!

Graham recently turned 5. He is really tall for his age and seems to grow almost overnight. He also has a really good memory – which can be good and bad. He has a teddy bear named Crunchy that he has had since he was a toddler. Crunchy is critical to a good night’s sleep. If Graham wakes up and can’t find Crunchy he will come into our room and have us go on a search and rescue in the middle of the night! This year Graham even put up a Christmas stocking for Crunchy.

Cora turned 2 two and a half weeks after our photo shoot. Her family and friends call her Coco and she refers to herself in the third person. “Coco clap….Coco milk….Coco mine”!

What was your favorite part of the session? We always love our sessions because you make us all laugh! This session was a bit of a challenge because Cora was so fussy and generally not happy to be photographed. We found out a few days later that she had an ear infection! I was sure we didn’t get any good photos of her but my favorites from the session are of her!

Tell me about the outfits you wore to the session. We worked with Ericka from Little Apple Styles. Aaron and Graham had their outfits already so we worked around those. My dress was from Nordstrom and Cora’s was from Old Navy. Ericka went out of her way to find a dress for Cora and even went to to the store and put it on hold for me! She is amazing.

Styled by Little Apple Styles

Wake Forest Family Photography | Rebecca Keller Photography

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