Cary Raleigh NC Newborn Photographer – Rainy Weekend

So I tend to worry a little bit about weather. Ok, I realllllly don’t like thunderstorms for real. (If you are at a session with me, and it starts storming, I will most likely bolt to my car and hide. So this Friday morning, I was just a little nervous when ALL they are talking about on the news is the disastrous rain and flooding that is going to start around lunchtime. (which it did not end up being that bad at all, but they can only forecast what might happen) It did rain during their session, and at times it was really heavy rain, but it ended up being not too bad for my drive home. And this little one, she was just so sleepy and happy during her session. Her cat siblings were all about her and probably the friendliest cats I’ve encountered at a session. And this little one’s daddy just doted on her so much – I caught so many in between moments of the two of them. Her nursery was So great to meet this sweet family of three. (Oh, and did you see this adorableness on their front door? LOVE!)

According to Mom…

What was the first thing you thought when you saw your baby for the first time? Thank goodness labor was over! J/K 😉 Love- how could something so perfect, tiny and full of life be mine?!

What was your favorite part of having a newborn session at home? It was a rainy, dreary day but I was so excited to stay inside and have our pictures taken. It was so relaxing to be at home. When you arrived we weren’t quite ready yet but we never felt rushed. You made us feel so calm and relaxed and Anna did a great job!

How did you prepare baby for our photoshoot? We fed her first so that she would hopefully stay asleep for most of the shoot. It worked:)

How was your experience having your newborn photographed? Were you worried or nervous before? I was slightly worried that Anna would cry the whole time and we wouldn’t be able to get good shots, but it turned out great. Anna slept most of the shoot and even let us undress/redress a few times with minimal tears involved.

What would be your advice to someone getting newborn photographs taken? Not to worry, newborns sleep a lot and there is nothing you can really do to prepare.

Did you have a sentimental item at our shoot? Yes- we used the sash from my wedding dress as a bow swaddle. I never wore the sash with my wedding dress because I wore a crystal belt instead, however we had saved the fabric for when I had a baby one day, to use either as a swaddle or a piece of the baptism gown. My sash was long enough to cut into 4 different sashes (I told my mom I would not be having 4 girls!), but in any case we have extras in the event we do have 3 more girls:)My mom monogrammed Anna’s initials on the sash. It worked perfectly as a bow swaddle- Anna is such a gift and I loved wrapping her up and making her look like the sweet package that she is.

Was there a sentimental item in your nursery or parts of your nursery that we photographed that are special to you? I grew up dancing for many years, so there is a slight ballerina theme in the nursery. The ballerina doll displayed in the nursery was my mom’s doll from her childhood. It’s amazing that it is in such great shape!

Do you have any other children? How did they react to the baby? No other children, however we do have 2 cats (Chase and Tommy) that we definitely consider part of the family! They have been a little hesitant, not quite sure what they think of Anna but I have a feeling they will learn to love her as much as we do. I love the picture you took of the 2 of them looking at Anna- it captures their reaction perfectly!

How would you describe your perfect Saturday as a family? Sleeping in, sipping coffee on the porch and not having any plans- just enjoy being together!

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Rita Taylor says:

I am Anna’s grandmother (GG). I loved your blog. Can’t wait to see all the pictures. I loved the way you documented Anna’s newborn session. Brought tears to my eyes!
Thanks! Well done!