Raleigh Mommy & Me Photography – The Greenhouse Preview

Saturday was such a fun and perfect morning celebrating Mamas and their babies. When Ericka from Little Apple Styles  and I first spoke about these, she immediately came up with so many great ideas! (She is just so talented – follow her on instagram here) This was a 2015 Limited Edition client event – open to everyone who had already booked a 2015 session. Originally, there were only going to be 6 spots and those sold out within an hour, so we opened up an evening time slot (6 more sessions) which also sold out within the next two days. (We were sooooo excited! I LOVED working with Ericka and seeing all her ideas for this session come to life!) We will be planning some more exciting things this year, so if you are not on the e-mail list or have not liked Rebecca Keller Photography on facebook, you will want to stay tuned for the next announcement. (I had so much fun with these, so I am really about to bust to announce our next event. Ericka and I are having a planning meeting this week so we will keep you updated) And if you want to book a session at this gorgeous greenhouse location, please contact me for more information. Oh, and this gorgeous greenhouse was built by Suzanna’s Antiques.

I was a little nervous about Saturday and the weather, but the greenhouse was  great shelter, and also had my super awesome umbrella hat (See behind the scenes photos here) Thank you to everyone who came out and for being flexible with changing times to avoid the worst of the rain and everyone made this event so much fun! Thank you to all the dads for jumping, singing, squeaking giraffes, and pulling out all of their dance moves to make their little ones giggle.

Raleigh Mommy & Me Photography | The Greenhouse Preview

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