Raleigh Newborn Photographer – So Loved

So precious to photograph this sweet baby boy with his big brothers and family. I love, love, love, all the images we were able to capture of the boys in their rooms, jumping around the house, and doting on their baby brother. This little one’s mama really wanted some awake photos of him and he stayed awake for most of the session with a few little naps so we were able to capture his bright beautiful eyes. Just love the one of him smiling so big – you can tell it was right in the middle of both of his brothers giving him kisses. Since most of their days include the boys building train tracks all over the place, we had to include one of those photos with their baby brother who just slept through the whole thing. I’m sure he will get used to sleeping during a lot of activity happening around him. Our little guy definitely sleeps through a lot of his big brother’s jumping and running throughout the house. I am still catching up on fall blogging and didn’t want to share some of the images before Christmas cards were out so I still have a lot of blogging to do, but I couldn’t wait to share this sweet baby boy’s newborn portraits, taken right before Christmas.

If you had a session in 2014, you should have gotten an e-mail from me about the 2014 Image of the Year Competition. Please let me know if you did not get an e-mail, and if you did, don’t forget to send in your images. Also, there is a special client event coming up for clients who have booked their session before 02/15/2014 – signups will be sent out on the 15th, so 2015 clients be on the lookout!

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer and Raleigh Maternity Photographer in Raleigh, N.C. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about custom in home newborn photography or a first year mini session at the Rebecca Keller Photography studio.

Carmen says:

these are precious!! Beautiful lifestyle session :)

Magan says:

I always look forward to seeing your images, they are stunning.

Mary says:

A truly beautiful session. The wardrobe color combo is gorgeous as well.

Harshita says:

Love this lifestyle newborn session!!! oh my gosh such cute sibling shots captured..beautiful work!!

Mandy says:

An absolutely stunning set of lifestyle newborn and family photographs. You have captured the life of this gorgeous family perfectly – and that is not always so easy with energetic, young boys!

Justine says:

Gorgeous family photos! Love the energy in them!

What great images! Looks like a fun session. I love lifestyle family photos.

Art' n Colors Photography & Video says:

Great family photos!!

Valentina Rebeschini says:

Lovely images! And really nice story telling. Great job!

Angie Englerth says:

What a beautiful session! I love all the emotion you captured! Raleigh is lucky to have you!

Paige Leigh Crossland says:

Love the lifestyle work!’

Kimberly Leath says:

What a beautiful family! We miss you guys! Congratulations!!!

Julianna Babics says:

As always superb work, LOVE it! Baby G in the middle train going around him, fantastic! :-)