Raleigh Cary Newborn Family Photographer – January Goals

Eek, it’s 2015! I cannot even believe it! (And you know, the baby just turned one, and I’m still boohooing over that!) I know I haven’t blogged my monthly goals in a while but it’s definitely one of my goals for 2015.  Coming up with goals for each month definitely helps me with staying on track and figuring out what to focus on. One goal that we’ve definitely been working on over here is cleaning and organizing and we’ve been switching some rooms around. Does anyone else get this feeling the day after Christmas that they need to clean/organize/change the whole house? My husband has been working so hard during his vacation time to complete so many projects around here. He’s outside in the garage right now looking at my prop collection…hahaha.

Goals for January

*One thing I’d really love to do this month is finish up blogging 2014. So many sweet family sessions are in the queue to be blogged, and I can’t wait to finish all of them!

*Send out all information for the 2014 Image of the Year Competition coming up soon. If you are a 2014 client and want to win a free 2015 session, make sure you’re signed up on the e-mail list for more info. (Click on the e-mail sign up tab on my facebook page here) There’s also a client event coming soon for 2015 clients! (February 2nd & 7th – for all clients who have booked a 2015 session by 01/15/2015)

*Edit little Harrison’s one year portraits. I try to stay on top of editing my personal images, but as your can imagine, it’s the busiest time of year for a birthday. Sweet little guy has been getting his one year molars and has had a tough time the past few weeks. Even Christmas Eve I got a lot of extra snuggles while little one was just not too happy about the teeth.

*It can’t be January without a running/eating right goal, right? I’d really like to keep working up to running 4 miles again. The fall came and I’ve just been stuck at around 2.25 miles. It’s also just so much harder to run indoors. Since Harrison has been born, I’ve mostly been running indoors because the thought of pushing both of them while running…I don’t know if I would make it!

What are your goals for January 2015?

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