Holden Beach Family Baby Photographer – Fun at the Coast

We had the prettiest weather the evening we headed out to the beach for this session. The nice thing about the beach is that when it’s super hot out, there’s at least a little bit of wind on the beach. There were just so many fun, happy images from this session that it was hard for me to pick which ones to use in the blog post. The three little ones just had so much fun running around the beach and splashing the waves – you can just see the joy on their faces. I love, love, love sessions on the beach because not only am I photographing your family, but the session is a memory for the little ones, too..and they have portraits to remember it by. Coastal sessions really are one of my favorites, and I was really sad that the last Coastal session for this year was last weekend. Bye, bye summer – so, so sad.

Coastal Sessions are at Holden Beach – which I just love so, so much. Just have to list a few of my favorite places in case you are in town. (And if you have any more to recommend, please let me know!)

Yacht Basin Provision Co. (Love watching the boats while we eat, and I love their crabcakes and corn on the cob)

Ludlum’s – We always have to stop and get a key lime pie – sooo delicious

Ocean Boulevard Coffee – um, yes, LOVE.

Beaches-n-Cream – homemade ice cream that is amazing! Michael got the Maple Bacon Pancake as we were leaving this weekend – so delicious!

Keep an eye on the blog – dates for the Free Holiday Mini Sessions will be released next week. (10 minutes, one image per child) These are free when booking a 2015 session so if you are thinking of booking a Coastal Session next year, I will only be taking one per holiday week again. It just makes rescheduling if there is bad weather (like a Hurricane this year) so much easier working with both of our schedules. (Those of you who have already booked a 2015 session – I’ll be sending you the dates/times first as soon as they are finalized)



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