Raleigh Newborn Lifestyle Photography – Meeting Baby Sister

Just realized that I have not blogged this sweet newborn session from around 4 months ago. (I have a lot of sessions to blog and I promise I am going to try to get caught up on them in the next few weeks.) Just saw this little one last week, and she is just getting so big! Her big sister is still so proud of her, and I loooove the photos we were able to capture of their first days together. Newborn sessions at home are really just my favorite – you don’t have to go anywhere, I can help with wardrobe, and I also love getting to capture the siblings in their room. Every session is just so different, and I absolutely love them! And this big sister, she is just so animated and fun. She was just talking to me about her room and her stuff and loved being photographed in her room. Ok, just had to squeeze in this post now it’s back to editing another sweet newborn session.

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