Newborn Lifestyle Photography Raleigh NC – Quiet Morning At Home

I photographed big brother’s newborn session a few years ago and was thrilled when they asked me to come back and photograph their newest little one. Oh, she was just so sweet and tiny, and oh my, her room is gorgeous. I  love that we were able to take a few in her rocker and with her big brother looking at her in the bassinet. Seriously, how cute is he? When I arrived, he was playing with his trains, and you know I love being able to photograph siblings playing with their toys and in their rooms during a newborn session. I love, love, love, the one of him in his room reading. (So sweet with his toys and books in the room – just capturing what life looks like at two for him. (He loves looking out the window – so I love that we captured that,too -They just grow and change so fast!)

And the photos of him with sister – so, so, sweet. (and he always had his sticker book close by – sooo cute!) She just slept and slept during her newborn portraits and don’t you just love the images with her Mama? She had so many pretty things picked out for her and that bunny hat was just too cute!

Oh, and stay tuned to the blog – I’ll be announcing the 2014 Holiday Mini Session Dates in the next few weeks. (Free when booking a 2015 session- 10 minutes, one free image per child) at the Christmas tree farm in Raleigh. You can see some images from last year here. I love how so many of you took your Christmas tree home while you were there – such a sweet memory,too!)

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Newborn Lifestyle Photography Raleigh NC in Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Cary, North Carolina.

Kate Monk says:

Gorgeous Photos guys. You have a beautiful family. Treasure every moment xx

Anthea Borum says:

Beautiful photos again Becky!

Carolyn Ricks says:

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

Hannah Boyd Monsma says:


Carol Tillman says:

Thanks, Becky! You captured so much love and joy in the photos! Looking forward to your next session with The Brown Family! Have a great day!