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If you’ve noticed, the blog has been a little bit quieter than normal. I’ve been placing more of a priority on editing and customer service and then the blog. I have several sessions to blog and will get to them soon, I promise. This has been such a great summer – so many super fun sessions and wow, I’ve loved all of the Coastal Sessions. What a fun memory Coastal sessions are, too, and so much laughter and splashing and sand. Of course, I had to try to squeeze in some portraits of my little ones while we were there.

holden-beach-family-child-photography-6-photoP I N this to pinterest

Baby’s first swim – he was not impressed. (Put the Canon away, Mom.)

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Can you believe this little one is 7 months? I have been trying to soak up every minute possible with this little smiling face. He’s just growing so fast and I know I’ll look up one day soon and the first year will be over. He loves giggling with his brother – probably the cutest thing ever. His favorite food is mangoes which it took a few weeks to get him to eat food at all. (Sometimes I forget he was five weeks early mainly because he just acts and thinks he’s so big.) He loves to eat his toes, sit up and see what’s going on, and also loves the Baby Bjorn.

All of this to say, a month or so ago, I just wanted to share a few images of a Mommy and Me session photographed by Christy Johnson. These bring tears to my eyes every time I look at them – I see his sweet personality in every image. What a joy it is to be photographed with your baby, and the first year flies by so fast. It was a good reminder for me, too, what everyone goes through just to GET to the session. Ya’ll would be in tears laughing if I told you every detail about that evening, but we made it, and he fell asleep like three minutes before the session. Quick nap, and we were good to go. (You know I had my heart set on sunset in the background) .Ok, despite all of the funny things that happened on the way there, it is really fun to have a session with a photographer friend because you can bounce ideas off of each other and she totally understood that I wanted real moments of just us. So, here they are just a few of just me and my baby boy (and the tears are starting again..) Thank you, Christy – they are such a treasure!

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