Family & Summer – Wake Forest Family Photographer

I love this session because its just everything happy and summery. Plus, this family is just so much fun and I felt like this session just went by so quickly because everyone was laughing and just so happy. This brother and sister were just so cute, reading together, chasing each other and giggling like crazy. And you know I love all the fun things they brought (princess dress, a favorite book, legos, baseball = fun and memories, love, love, love) Don’t you just love the ones where she’s dancing with her daddy in the her princess dress? So sweet! It was a fun evening at E Carroll Joyner Park in Wake Forest with just perfect light. (I love evening sessions in the summer – light in the evenings is just so pretty!) Joyner Park is just beautiful and one of my absolute favorite spots for sessions in Wake Forest.

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Rebecca Keller is a Wake Forest family photographer in Raleigh & Wake Forest, N.C. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about booking a fall 2013/spring 2014 family session.

Becki Strader says:

These are beautiful – miss you guys so much :)

Kerri says:

I adore this session Becky! Love the twirling princess in her heels and the sneak attack by Dad! They are all so soft and magical, love them all!

Jamie Kennell Hughes says:

Thank you! Becky you did a great job capturing some special family moments! I love them all! 😉

Tom Kennell says:

Beautiful pictures!

Kim Telford Box says:

Beautiful !

Edward Lopez says:

You guys have such a beautiful family.

Karen Worley Mangum says:

Theses are great, Jamie!

Sally Spady Graham says:

You have a beautiful family, Jamie! Great pictures!

Tanya Trueblood Jones says:

Great pictures Jamie.