Stelliana’s Petit Boutique – Raleigh Commercial Photography

Remember the preview I posted? This commercial shoot for the Stelliana’s Petit Boutique Summer Catalog was way too much fun and all of the little ones were oh so adorable. Stelliana’s is located in Lafayette Village in Raleigh on Falls of Neuse and Huneycutt close to 540. They have such fun colorful clothes for children and the cutest accessories. Love that we were able to photograph the glitter headbands (LOVE) bows, fun sunglasses, purses, hats and shoes. OH the shoes! An outfit from Stelliana’s is perfect for a summer portrait session.

Speaking of all these cute clothes – Stelliana’s is celebrating one year on May 11th. Your little ones can walk the red carpet in their clothes from Stelliana’s (Clothes may be a previous purchase or purchased that day) and receive one free image from Rebecca Keller Photography. Hours will be from 10am – 12pm & 2pm – 5pm. You can view Stelliana’s website here and facebook page here.

8480 Huneycutt Road

Suite 112

Raleigh, NC 27615



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Julianna Babics says:

Wow! For the cutest children and to the cutest cloth!

Julia says:

These are all really adorable but I LOVE the rain shots at the end!

Christy Harper says:

Beautiful photos :)

Marissa Gifford says:

What cutie pies! Great job! :)

carrie says:

What a collection of adorable kiddos, and looks like a great little kids shop.

Anna says:

Look at all those happy and cute kids!! Beautiful colors and outfits, great work!

mary says:

these are AMAZING! love your work and these are the cutest clothes ever!

Rena Christine says:

cuteness overload!! hehe… just adorable! Lovely work :)

Karyn Lee says:

These are all so fun! And look at all those kiddos! I’ve never seen such a large bunch of adorable kids!

bobbijo says:

wow! a huge post of lots of adorable babes!

The Tog's VA says:

Aw! They are all too cute! Love the clothes!

Angela Lang says:

Totally adorable children and photos! You did a great job capturing all their cute expressions.

Lynnea says:

Cute clothes, adorable kids & wonderful photography!

Kelly Brown Hopkins says:

These little ones are so cute. How super fun. Your amazing are great.

Crystal Phelps says:

These are gorgeous!!! I am in love with your colors!!!

Megan says:

Aww these are adorable! I love the bright colors – great job!

Jane Holden Foster says:

Oh my goodness, cutest little babies and kiddos! Great shots…love that rainboot one at the end. :-)!

Mary Lynne says:

How fun to get the opportunity to photograph there with all the bright colors and bright colored clothes. So many adorable little ones.