Food – Lifestyle Family Photography, Raleigh, N.C.

This month’s blog circle theme – FOOD. This session was way too cute – they love making muffins and it was fun to document each step!

food-photography-raleigh-nc-1-photoP I N this to pinterestfood-photography-raleigh-nc-2-photoP I N this to pinterestfood-photography-raleigh-nc-3-photoP I N this to pinterest

He was so cute telling us the rules about the oven. “Don’t put your head, hands, and face in the oven!” And the secret ingredient for their muffins – SPRINKLES!

food-photography-raleigh-nc-4-photoP I N this to pinterestfood-photography-raleigh-nc-5-photoP I N this to pinterestfood-photography-raleigh-nc-6-photoP I N this to pinterestfood-photography-raleigh-nc-7-photoP I N this to pinterest

food-photography-raleigh-nc-8-photoP I N this to pinterest

Head on over to Jamie Loomis Photography to see her take on this month’s theme!

Kellie says:

These are fabulous! Especially love the big mamma hug :)

Keri Webb says:

These images get me emotional. I remember baking with my mom in the kitchen, but have no pictures of it. These are lovely images.

Jacqueline L says:

So cute! Love the dragon eating the muffin lol!

Christina says:

These are amazing!! You truly have a knack for storytelling!! Beautiful job!!

KatieW says:

Such a wonderful series! What a great memorie you captured beautifully :)

Barrett Klein says:

What a cute session! Love the shot through the window and the dragon eating the muffin and the one where he’s kissing her! Precious! You have wonderful compositions!

Belinda Coles says:

Lovely shots, even the dragon got his fill! Looks like you had a very fun baking session, and the end result looks delish! Nice job!

Kayla Munns Goode says:

I really enjoyed these. Good job on documenting the whole experience. My favorite three are: the anticipation – waiting for those treats! The two with the dragon, my boys would, no doubt, be doing the same!

Donna says:

These are all awesome Rebecca! I especially love your little one waiting & watching the oven. And that last shot with the dragon is adorable. LOVE these!

CarrieAyn says:

GORGEOUS! Seriously beautiful images! I love the story behind it as well. =)

Amanda Borst says:

Absolutely darling! I especially love the anticipation while watching the oven. Just precious. I adore lifestyle photography… awesome job combining the two! :)

Haley Hardy says:

LOVE it!

lea smith says:

Love your lifestyle story telling these images are fantastic!

Andee says:

Well done Becky. Well done.

Jamie Harper Loomis says:

Too cute! Gorgeous Images!