52 Week Project – Week 13 – Details – Family Photographer, Raleigh, N.C.

This week’s theme – Details.

I love holidays – decorating for holidays, eating holiday food, holiday parties, and definitely holiday crafts. So with Easter approaching, we have been working on many different crafts to celebrate – like these Graham Cracker Peep Houses.

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He looks at his little project everyday and says, “chickie, chickies!”  So when we heard about Aunt Wendy’s new chickens, we had to go see some real “Chickie, chickies.”

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Owen became fast buddies with the little chickie,

P I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterest     This is him saying, “Mommy! Chickie, Chickie!”P I N this to pinterestP I N this to pinterest     He went into the hen house and picked some real eggs with Aunt Wendy – Wow, they are beautiful!P I N this to pinterest

These are Aunt Wendy’s goats. And as she pointed out to me, details can be very important. See the ears of the goat on the left. If your ears look like that goat, you are going to be raised for milk. If you have the ears like the goat on the right, well, that means you are going to be raised for meat. That one detail makes a big difference.P I N this to pinterest

Oh, and you can’t leave Aunt Wendy’s without trying out her tree swing. Amazing!

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sarah says:

I love these! It seems like I’ve missed a month and your little one sure has changed a bunch. Such a sweetie. I think my fave is the one at the end in the swing…just lovely.

Susan says:

These pictures are simply stunning!! Loved each one. That little boy is adorable too…

Donna says:

Beautiful pictures. I love the shots of the chick. Yours and the feathered variety.