52 Week Project – Week 10 – Be Still – Raleigh Child Photography

There are rare moments in the day when my little one is still, but there is no doubt that he loves SLEEP! He is like a little teenager – he never stops eating and he wants to sleep all the time! It is always challenging to get a picture of him sleeping so when he fell asleep at his Mimi’s house this week, I had to take out the camera.P I N this to pinterest

   i just love his sweet little face.

 P I N this to pinterest

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kelly says:

gorgeous photos! and holy cow, those eyelashes!! :) what i wouldn’t give to be able to nap like that again. :)

Bridget says:

Oh my goodness – I just want to eat him up! He is adorable! I miss the days that my boys were that age! Great shots too, by the way:)

Brandi says:

Just adorable!

caroline says:

You definitely captured the prompt! He is adorable.

Tracy Roul says:

So beautiful and peaceful…nice work!

Mrs.Zoom says: