52 Week Project – Week 8 – Cabin Fever – Child Photography, Raleigh, N.C.

I can’t believe it’s already week 8! The weeks seem to be flying by! This week’s theme is Cabin Fever.

When you get Cabin Fever….

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Go get ice cream! (0r frozen yogurt – it’s the best!)

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  Sweet Spoons in Wakefield is our favorite spot for delicious frozen yogurt!

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Donna says:

Beautiful subject and light in these photos. Great series.

melody says:

What a great collection of shots! I have to say…cabin fever doesn’t sound so bad when there are so many activities planned! :) I think the painting ones are my favorite.

Tracy says:

Beautiful photos! And we love Sweet Spoons too! I live in Wake Forest! :)

Christine says:

Precious! What a cute little guy. Ice cream shots are the best. :)

kara @ june & bear says:

the light in these photos is yummy. such lovely captures of everyday life.

Amanda says:

Beautiful photos!

Jenny says:

Adorable! That ice cream looks so good!

Kim Young says:

I love all of the perspectives you shot these from. I feel right there with him.
Oh, the light is just fantastic in these, too.