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I had to start off this post with talking about the big news for this week – Holiday Minis Booking! We have already sold out of many dates, so if you are thinking of getting on our calendar, contact us ASAP. It’s going to be such a fun fall, and I cannot wait!

So I’m not sure if they are open yet, or maybe really soon sometime in August, but I’m super excited to check out the Morgan Street Food Hall.

I love following the #debtfreecommunity hashtag on instagram, and my favorite follow lately is @nottodaytarget And if you follow the hashtag for #debtfreecommunity, there are so many inspiring stories and you just want to clear your amazon cart immediately.

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So excited that one of my favorite bands in my younger days, Weekend Excursion, is probably having a concert soon according to their facebook page. Found out they actually had one in Raleigh earlier this year, and so so sad that I missed it.  This is a Greensboro band and I grew up loving their music. (I mean, that violin, though!)

So interesting things on netflix I have watched this week while editing – 1. Undiscovered Disney Parks. This has to be filmed in the early 2000s because of the paper fast passes. The fun thing about it is you get to see inside Club33. 2.Amazing Interiors. I haven’t finished watching this yet, but wow there are some intense houses. My husband’s Carolina room is nothing compared to this guy’s Cubs basement which is really like a full blown bar.

We’ve been working on a big project at our house over here, giving the boys’ playroom a big overhaul + planning a big lego table. I’m super excited about it and will post pics soon! Most of the overhaul is minimalizing. I feel like with kids + toys, it’s a constant struggle with the toys. My boys only play with Legos + Cars right now, so trying to donate what we can.

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