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Friday Favorites

Holden Beach Family Photography

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This has been a busy week of editing, planning, and scheduling. Ericka and I are finalizing everything for fall, tracking down places + props and working on a lot behind the scenes.

A few favorites from this week…

The In My Feelings Challenge. I started watching one on facebook which led to a million and now I can’t get the song out of my head, ha! The Will Smith video is probably the best (see here)

My hair is oily in my scalp and then super dry. Especially during the summer. I tried Aveda’s Dry Remedy  this week and it’s absolutely amazing. Looooove it.

Ebay for toys. So my son is one of the biggest lego builders on the planet. He loves reading the magazine, visiting the Lego Store (we were just here two days ago during our last apple camp trip, nothing is new) and spends hours building and rebuilding. One of the things about lego is they stop selling sets and then you can’t get them. He’s currently all about The LEGO NINJAGO Movie + all things Lego Ninjago. So I introduced him to finding sets to buy with his allowance on ebay, which is amazing. You have to hunt, but you can find discontinued sets or even regular sets someone has opened and put together and then taken back apart for so much cheaper than buying new at the store. He now loves spending his one hour of ipad time on ebay. Love it.

My sister in law brought these  to the beach a few weeks ago, and my boys brought them home after a shopping trip with their Mimi. What a cool summer toy at the beach. They are super cute – see a video of them here.

The Tanger Outlets in Mebane. I am still driving food back and forth for my dad every week from the amazing Lemon Tree in Wake Forest. He is doing awesome. He’s recovered really well from his surgery + he is driving and back to work. Just eating a low sodium diet can be tough and Stacey from The Lemon Tree really works with the diet to make amazing meals. My mom and I have been trying to meet to make the drive a little easier since I pick it up at 2pm on Thursdays which can be tough driving around Raleigh’s crazy traffic. Yesterday on the way home, I had to take 147 to go around traffic to 540, then got off on 70 to Westgate to Leesville to Norwood…ha…all to avoid as much 540 as possible. Thankful I married Michael with his amazing map brain so I knew about all of these alternate routes. All that to say we met at Tanger this week and I was pretty amazed at the outlets. I feel like they’ve added a lot of great stores.

Piper’s Tavern’s Brunch. We tried their brunch Sunday and I thought it was really reasonable and delicious.

Sharing images from the beach because I’m already ready to go back. I heart summer + will be so sad when it ends! Harrison had a fun time splashing in the ocean and playing in the sand before I took these – ha!

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