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Friday Favorites

Raleigh NC Newborn Photography 

Central Park NYC Carriage Ride PhotoP I N this to pinterest

from our Central Park Carriage Ride

A few favorites from this week..

Oh my goodness, these silhouette necklaces, love.

The GoodRX app. My dermatologist told me about this..so great. It compares prescription prices at different pharmacies near you + also sometimes has coupons.

Cozi family organizer. Love all the notifications and reminders and that Michael and I can both sync on our phones.

Reading with Owen. I love that he loves to read so much and we can spend quality time together just sitting together and reading.

I really love the whole, “Collect Moments not Things,” motto…I’d love a sign or frame in the house with that printed…(but then you know, it’s another thing to buy HA) We’ve traveled a lot over the past few months, and I just enjoy it so much. We’ve been emphasizing with the kids putting our money towards trips and not toys they will toss after a month.

I, Eliza Hamilton I just read this to get ready for going to see Hamilton, and it was so so good. A great way to learn the history about Hamilton, especially if you are going to the show.

Favorites from our NYC Trip.

There’s always something new to do/see in NYC…here are a few favorites from our trip last week.

Murray’s Bagels. Delicious. I had the poppyseed bagel, and it was amazing. So many great bagel sandwiches to choose from, too.

Dough. This place was so yum! Sometimes doughnuts can just be too much, but these were perfect. The salted chocolate caramel and the lemon poppy were my favorite.

Burger and Lobster. I can’t even. We ate a burger with lobster on it, and it was unbelievable.

Black Tail. What a unique spot – super cool.

Pizzieria Sottocasa. They fly in Burrata cheese every weekend (you can only get Fri – Sun) so of course we had to try it. yum!

I’ve also really wanted to try Cookie Do NYC for a while, and it was super sweet and yum.

Milk Bar Bakery. Chocolate chocolate was my favorite followed by the Chocolate Chip Cornflake cookie.

Most of this was food…We also had fun seeing the ACC Tournament in Brooklyn. (UNC beat Duke, go heels!) and we went to see Hamilton. It was really fun, and Michael actually really enjoyed the play. I loved reading the I, Eliza book beforehand, but I was glad I hadn’t listened to the music, and everything was a surprise. Super fun!

raleigh NC newborn photographyP I N this to pinterest

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