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Christmas All Year Long

Raleigh Airstream Photography

Last night I finally watched the When Calls the Heart 2017 Christmas special. (I found it on the you tube app on the tv) So I mean, why not keep celebrating all year long! There’s still so much cuteness to share from our 2017 Holiday minis. (And I had just finished season 4 of When Calls the Heart, so now I just have to wait for season 5, ha!) Everytime I come to the end of a show, whether I liked it or not, it’s sad, because I have to find something else to watch when I edit. Sometimes Michael laughs at me because the show may just be really really boring but I don’t want to go through the effort of finding another one, ha, and I’m invested in the story enough. Like when I watched Lost. The beginning was great, but the more I kept watching and it turned into sci-fi, it was like ahhhhhhh. And Michael’s like WHY! Why are you still watching this?! Because I might as well stick to the end at this point and it’s something to watch while I edit and I don’t have to figure out something else to watch. Because, when I start trying to find a new show, I will watch the first episodes of many before I commit, and I just don’t like to spend the time on that mess. Don’t you just love hearing about my tv habits?

I just love these three – so sweet together and always so much fun to photograph. They’ve been to enough minis to know that they are super quick, they get fun props, and that Ericka and I will act as crazy as possible to make them laugh. Their mama also always picks out the prettiest clothes for them (Just wait until you see their Valentine’s outfits!!! More this week on that!)

Special Thanks to Boyce Farms and Sweetheart Treats | Styled by Little Apple Styles

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