Quick Lit August

Oh my, I loved the books I read this month. It is rare that I actually pick books and love all of them, but this was a great reading month! Highly recommend all of these.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven

I’ll be honest, I was dragging my feet on reading another WWII book. I just read so many there for a while because my Kindle kept recommending them. (Read one, and five more recommendations pop up!) Then I went through my beach reads phase with lots of Elin Hildebrand just to have some happy light reading after all that war. Ok, so all that to say, I decided to go back and try this book. I loved it because the perspective was much different than the other books I read since it was set in London. I also loved the story line in this book and read it very quickly in two days. (Could not put it down)

The Magnesium Miracle

Finally finished this book although I did speed over some of the things that weren’t applicable to me.I would say this is a must read for everyone. So many things that I didn’t think about like how our soil is depleted of magnesium. Magnesium wasn’t even on my radar until March when I started having heart palpitations. I learned so much from this book and will definitely keep up my epsom salt baths. I really had no idea how important magnesium is and how easy it is to have a deficiency, especially after having babies. Ok, I might go eat some dark chocolate now.

Dignity and Worth: Seeing the Image of God in Foster Adoption

I saw this book recommended on another site and loved this mama’s open and honest heart about foster care and adoption. I thought she was so honest and shared so much about what to expect when considering fostering and foster to adopt. She also shares a lot about her sons and some of the lessons that her and her husband learned along the way that would be good for anyone to read about fostering and adoption.

Before We Visit the Goddess: A Novel

I loved the way this book told three different women’s stories – the grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter. This book was very well written and kept my attention. There are a few surprises in the book and it was one of those books that I couldn’t stop reading.


The One-in-a-Million Boy

This was recommended to read if you liked A Man Called Ove (which I love, love loved) so I dove in to this story. It’s so creative, and I love a good story. I never thought I would pick something up about boy scouts and world records, but it was such a great read.

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