Fun Family Photography Raleigh NC – Just Plain Fun!

The weather was just gorgeous the morning of this session. I have photographed this family once a year for I think three years now, and it was so great to photograph their sweet baby girl, too! (I was on maternity leave when she was born) This location could not have been more fun – and big brother loved it –┬ájumping and running and playing. I have usually photographed families here only in the evenings so it was fun to be at the park in the morning before everything opened. This session was in October, and it was nice that some roses were still blooming, and everything was still so pretty and green. (I miss everything being green – who is with me?!?) Although, I will admit, winter sunsets can be just so gorgeous (See here) And it is good to have winter to rest. Although I fight it so much, planning so many outdoor things I could be doing. (Going here, planting perennials, riding bikes, runs with the Bob) Okay, yes I could go on and on, especially since yesterday was just so warm! Who else was loving it? We went to the Durham Food Truck Rodeo and Owen and I waited in line for I don’t even know how long for ice cream. It was the perfect day for ice cream. And the vegan thin mint I got was seriously worth the wait! (And if you ever go to a food truck rodeo, research which truck you want to eat from before you go and get there right before it officially starts.) We went after church so we got there a little bit late and found a shorter line for food. It was a beautiful day yesterday, and I am looking forward to Spring sessions outdoors soon! If you signed up for the Spring Limited Edition Event, I had a meeting at the location today, and I AM SO EXCITED! (What am I talking about? Click here to read more and be added to the waiting list!)

Oh, and I am still looking for a newborn models March 25th and 26th! Contact me for more info!

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