Fayetteville Raleigh Newborn Photographer – The Joy of Brothers

Oh, these boys – just soooo cute together and so handsome! Their mama had them dressed so cute..and really, I’m still in shock – this session really was one of those where I left thinking, did that really happen? These three were just so so sweet and happy together, and of course, stopped for their snack breaks. I can’t believe how many snuggly photos there were of all three of them together – you can just see the joy on their faces about having their new baby brother. Looking through these photos, you can see I had a tough time deciding between color and black and white – I just looooved both! In between modeling, I love that they brought out some of their toys (I love capturing these shots when baby’s eating, etc) I really enjoyed meeting this sweet family and their sweet baby boys!

This was a session I traveled for – one of my many travel newborn sessions this fall.. so if you are thinking about a newborn session and if I would drive to your home, ┬ácontact me for more info! Newborn sessions at home are my absolute favorites and take a lot of the stress out of even thinking about having to go somewhere the first days at home with your baby.


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Rebecca Keller is a Fayetteville Raleigh Newborn Photographer in Raleigh, N.C. Contact Rebecca Keller for more information about travel newborn photography, Raleigh Maternity Photography, and Raleigh Newborn Photography in Wake Forest, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and Raleigh, N.C.


Angie says:

This is brilliant! I love every one of these images! Great job!

Giselle says:

What adorable little boys. Love this lifestyle session!!!

Lesley Notton says:

One little boy: handsome, two little boys: adorable but all 3 together? Blown away! Gorgeous photos and ones to be treasured forever!

sarah b says:

I get so excited when you post a new session. I love following your work! Each session is so unique, and you bring such a fresh and organic element to your family work. My favorite aspect of this session is the story: the joy of being a brother. Each image made me smile!

Mary Anne says:

These little brothers are so cute! I love the documentary style feel of these photos and the mix of color and black and white. These boys are going to be so happy that they have these photos to look back on when they get older!

Corey says:

What a great newborn session! Baby boy is so blessed to have such sweet big brothers!

Laura says:

Wow this is so beautiful! I love your PostP, these three little guys really stole the show! :)