Raleigh Durham Family and Child Lifestyle Photography – Strawberries

The first image was taken a few months after Owen was born (the others a month or two ago with Harrison the same age)..and I was so tired, so stressed not knowing why my baby had stopped breathing a few times and why he turned blue every time he ate, running to and from doctor’s appointments every week with no answers. Just having your first baby is stressful and adding all of the unknowns about his breathing was a lot. This is a photo from one of our cell phones and it’s a miracle it exists with all the photo taking I protested. Now that I have this photo several years later, it just makes me happy because I know amidst everything going on just how happy and blessed I felt to have this little boy…how thankful I was everyday for him. (And don’t you love how everything matched – Harrison has mostly worn pjs!)

raleigh-NC-lifestyle-newborn-photography_529P I N this to pinterest


Also, I have one family photo my friend Amy who came to visit us during our hospital stay snapped and sent to me. Yes, I look tired again, but that’s okay. It was probably one of the only family photos I allowed in the hospital. (total opposite from this time..I made sure I had one of all four of us and one of just me & h.) I am thankful I did have another dear friend who was with us during Owen’s labor and delivery and I have photos of the first time I held him which I will treasure forever.

So I didn’t have too many photos with me in them after that. I was super stressed about Owen’s health and losing the baby weight. I was never going to look perfect, right? I didn’t know what a treasure these images would be until I look back at them.

So if you see a lot of photos of me and my boys this year, it’s because I really am treasuring these days – and I want them to see me happy with them. ¬†Harrison has been such a gift to our family, and I am not going to shy away from photos so my boys can see just how loved and cherished they are. And it fills my heart with joy, too, to see happy images of us together.

This was one of those days where I had gotten up early for a session, went to lunch with my mom and the boys after, and then we decided to get strawberries on the way home. Of course, Owen thought it was the best thing ever. So thankful that I got in one of the images even though I felt like I needed more makeup and a hair brush – ha!

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Don’t you love Harrison’s face in one of the images above? Like hmmm..how can I get one of those?

Just sharing a little bit of my mama heart. Don’t forget to be in the photograph with your little ones and thank you for letting me capture those memories, too.







Mary Ioannides Georgedakis says:

The most beautiful pictures I have ever seen.God bless your beautiful family.

Jessica Carr Fein says:

Love them! I can totally relate to you. I felt the same way after I had my babies, but I treasure those baby pictures of me holding them. They’re so small for such a short while!! You look gorgeous in the pics…clearly momma hood suits you!!