April Goals – Newborn Photographer, Raleigh, N.C.

newborn-photographer-raleigh-nc-3P I N this to pinterest

Mr. Man painting in his studio. Just love him.

Goals for April:

Get everything organized for this year’s Senior Rep program. More information soon – you will be able to fill out the application tomorrow if you are a current junior in high school! Contact me if you would like an application.

Getting everything organized and planned for a special event at Stelliana’s Petit Boutique in early May (more information soon) Also, still looking for models for this Thursday morning (babys ages 7 – 9 months) and little ones who wear a size 2t – 3t. Contact me if you are interested. (will be e-mailing everyone who has contacted me tonight)

Take Owen out for bike rides now that the weather is getting nicer

On week 7 of my c25k. Stopped running during the holidays and started again after our trip to Texas. Finish week 8 and start training for a 10k.

Go strawberry picking

Take Owen to Yum Yum’s for a hot dog and ice cream – one of my favorite places growing up.



Kerri says:

Strawberries are so yummy! Our season doesn’t start until June here, can’t wait.