Little Prince – On Location Lifestyle Newborn Photography Raleigh Durham, NC

This little one is surrounded by so much love.  He was being checked on and doted on not only by his mom and dad and grandparents but also his two sweet puppies. He will have so much fun chasing and playing catch with them. I love the little crown that was a gift, also with this Nancy Tillman book. (She is such a great author, and I always end up crying when reading On The Night You Were Born.)

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Cheryl Maupin says:

Kate & Andre, he is so adorable!

Susan Mullen Blackman says:

Great Pictures!

Cassie Mozingo says:

So cute! What a precious little family!

Anthea Borum says:


Carol Sparrow Clark says:

How beautiful!

Karen Gower Boyette says:

Anthea these photos are amazing.