52 week project – week 7 – True Love – family photographer, raleigh, n.c.

So this week’s theme is True Love.  Michael and I have a little saying where if one of us does something small and thoughtful, we always say, “That’s true love.” True love isn’t necessarily grand gestures or huge elaborate gifts. It’s the little things, every day, without being asked.

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Probably my all-time favorite – when he gets up early in the morning and goes to get me my favorite iced coffee before I wake up. That’s true love.


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  Do I even have to explain this one? What girl doesn’t LOVE chocolate?!? Another favorite – when he brings home something chocolate as a surprise. That’s true love.

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        When he brings me flowers, when he changes a diaper, when he folds laundry, that’ s true love. Truly blessed and so thankful for such a sweet husband.

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Sheila @ Seasoned Joy says:

Love the story you tell in the post and your photos are spectacular.

And, that second shot makes me want a cookie.

Donna says:

Great post. It’s the little things that make a marriage.

Tracy says:

Beautiful photos and great post. I love the softness in your photos.

Community Legal Services says:

Great work, love the post. Glad I found this site.

kelly says:

what a great way to tell the story! beautiful!

Kim C. says:

Lovely post and so true! It is the little things. Love the soft tones in your photos!

Tracy Roul says:

I really love this week’s interpretation. This photos are stunning. Fantastic job as usual. Tracy