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Friday Faves

Holden Beach Family Photographer

A few favorites from this week…

If you have any early reader, I highly recommend the Usborne for Kids Very First Reading Box Set. I was gifted this by my sister-in-law, and Harrison has looooved reading these books. They are similar to the You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You books that I love so much. (There are a lot of those on amazon) The boys have also loved reading How to Babysit a Grandpa with my dad going through so much lately. They think this book is hilarious, and it’s a pretty cute book. (He is doing really great now. Wow, what a journey it has been the last few months!)

Target also has some great sight word puzzles in the one spot this week. One great thing about back to school coming up is all the neat educational stuff that will be out there.

I tried a few new spots at Holden Beach – the Ahora coffee cafe, super yum! Betty’s Waterfront restaurant reopened with new owners and it’s awesome. And…I tried the veggie taco (and I added shrimp) at The Cove. Super yummy. Another new fave is the Bagel Dock Cafe in Shallotte. After going to NYC so much the past few years, oh my, I am hooked on bagels, and these are delicious. My dad and I were laughing about how when we first started coming to Holden there was one restaurant. I just love Holden so much, and love that it really can’t get much bigger. Also, if you want your favorite ice cream at Beaches-n-Cream, you can order it a few days in advance. Awesooome.

So if I had to describe my personality, it would be that I am an over preparer. I think 5 1/2 years of teaching elementary school totally changed that about me. (Planning every minute of every day and even extra activities ha!) I know I stress Ericka out with how I want to over prepare for our mini sessions…So along those lines, I’m totally taking 300 bags to the beach, and you don’t even want to see how I pack for Disney, but I have been trying to to tone it down and become more minimalist. (which is really hard for me not to pack every sock I own when going on vacation) Good article here for those of you who also have this problem.

It’s summer, and we’ve already been to the beach, and you would think I have read all these amazing books, but I honestly have not liked anything on all these recommended summer reading lists. (Send good suggestions please!!) Most of the time, I just make myself keep reading and finish the book. Oh, but I did like the book Crazy Rich Asians which is coming out as a movie in August.

Seeing my boys just light up playing in the ocean. Harrison just loves the waves so much, and giggles and giggles. And I was thankful to squeeze in a few days with one of my BFFS. We have been friends since college, and it was so so great to see her. Friendship has always been important to me, and I’m so thankful when I get time with one of my buddies. It is one of those things that can be really hard to make time for, but I’m just so grateful when it happens.

I’ve been in more of a minimalist mindset, especially since Corinne helped me declutter stuff I didn’t even realize I needed to declutter last September. (PS she is amazing. Not only is she phenomenal at organizing, but at decorating, too. See her website here) We’ve also been focused more on challenges lately like the no spend month which can be tough but also fun. Type Dave Ramseyinto Pinterest and all kinds of amazingness pops up to read. With our Disney annual passes this year, I’m always looking for ways to save so that we can go back.

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