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So this room has been a project for months..I feel like I have been working on it and working on it and working on it…but, it has also been fun to have a project. I never really redecorate anything, and Harrison’s nursery looked exactly like it did when it was Owen’s. The boys sure have enjoyed it! I have a big brother so we grew up alternating watching Anne of Green Gables or Star Wars. So naturally, after seeing every movie a million times, I’m totally a Star Wars fan. (I was just really nosy and read The Princess Diarist, too) It took me a loooonnnnng time to finish this room, and I’m sure I’ll still change things around a little, but I’m glad it’s finally done!


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We decided to get two twin beds in Harrison’s room so that when we have cousins staying, etc, we have more room in the house. Owen’s room still looks the same, although I’m sure he’d love an update, and every once in a while he sleeps in there, but he mostly loves that he can be in the same room as his brother.Their beds can be found here from American Furniture Warehouse in Greensboro. I love that there are drawers. Any extra storage helps!

Their quilts, sheets, shams + droid pillows are from Pottery Barn Kids.  (Thank you Mimi!) Chewbacca is from Build a Bear. (Harrison loooooves that place) He smells like Chocolate and of course, has all kinds of Chewy sounds. Owen did not want a new bear but requested that we get his all time favorite Duffy bear a darth vader outfit from Build a Bear. I love that little lightsaber – it totally lights up.

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raleigh child photography NC 343_3862P I N this to pinterestI think Michael was the most excited about bringing this  home. I saw the stormtrooper at Target before Christmas and of course wanted to buy one every time I was in there, but I just couldn’t spend the 100.00. We ended up with scoring it on clearance after Christmas for 25.00. Woo-hoo. Harrison loves that he makes the noise, “pew, pew” and Owen is exactly the same height as the storm trooper.

The letters on the wall are from Hobby Lobby. And the cashier wanted to wrap each letter individually, and I got all kinds of stares like, what is she doing with all those letters + we got places to go. It was not easy to find every letter, and my sister-in-law may have been awesome and picked up a Y at the Hobby Lobby in Greensboro for me. We are both Hobby Lobby addicts, so of course, she spent like 60.00 while she was there. And here’s the thing about Hobby Lobby. Almost the entire store, is always on sale. If what you want isn’t on sale, it will be next week, OR, download the app so you always have a 40% off coupon. Dangerous, I know.

Curtains are from when Pottery Barn kids was leaving Triangle Town Center…about seven years ago. They just happened to fit the nursery perfectly!

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Some Jedi books the boys are reading…

Star Wars

Darth Vader and Son

Star Wars a New Hope

Star Wars: Jedi Academy

Return of the Jedi

And on our wish list..
Star Wars ABC-3PO: Alphabet Book (I know Harrison would love this one)


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Ok, then there’s the millenium falcon alarm clock. I think I was a little bit more excited about this than the boys. I was so so excited that I think they think the clock is magical or something. It is so fun for them to wake up to the theme song and all kinds of other space noises.

Pajamas from Hanna Andersson.

The hyper drive  and Star Wars marquee light are also from Pottery barn kids. This was like a must for the star wars room. I was pleasantly surprised to figure out I had a credit card with rewards I hadn’t cashed in for over a year, so I was able to get pottery barn gifts cards for these – year made.

Below that are the Cameron two shelf bookcase +metal bins, and mercer rug. I was super excited to get these over President’s Day Weekend, because all of this was crazy on sale. Like, if you are going to shop at Pottery Barn Kids, that weekend is the stuff. I knew we needed a low bookshelf for the signs overhead and that one was perfect. The bins include labels, too, which Owen loves organizing and came up with categories right away.

The Parker Chair is from West Elm. I went in there trying to figure out how to spend a gift card and that chair matched the Star Wars theme perfectly!

Let’s talk about the remote control R2D2. I was just as crazy about this toy as the boys. I mean, it projects Leia. Whaaaaaaa? They did not have toys this cool when I was a kid. We were able to score it for 20% off, too.raleigh child photography NC 343_3858P I N this to pinterest

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Owen has been into legos since he was 2 years old. Duplo was his BFF and at 3 1/2 he moved up to the big legos. He has loooooved putting them together, and they have been a great challenge for him. I think he got the Millennium Falcon for Christmas one year, so that was sitting around the house already waiting for their new room, and Darth Vader was in his Easter basket one year.

I love having plants in their room..especially snake plants to help clean the air. (Totally still waiting on a darth vader pot to come in the mail for my snake plant:)So, when I found this death star air plant...LOVE.

There is a big, let’s make a fairy garden terrarium craze for girls, right, and then one day on Pinterest, because what else do you do with all your free time but look up star wars ideas on pinterest, I found the Star Wars Terrariums. Amazzzzing! We went to Homewood Nursery and the boys got to sit at a table and we got one on one help with ours, which was just awesome. I feel like I would have been so in the dark trying to follow the instructions. Homewood is one of my favorite places, and a great spot to make a fairy garden or a Star Wars terrarium. They also have classes on Saturdays.

Our light up Death Star canvas is from Hobby Lobby. If you haven’t been there, make sure you block off an entire day. Ok, maybe a couple of hours. Bring snacks because you will just get lost in there, and you’ll need substanance. It is similar to one from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s not super bright so fun for them to have on at night when they go to sleep.


We ended up leaving the wall bookshelf by Harrison’s bed. He loves being able to reach the books and I try to rotate and put the seasonal books there, but he always ends up adding his favories.raleigh child photography NC 343_3860P I N this to pinterest

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