Raleigh Boyce Farms Family Photographer – Raleigh Christmas Tree Farm Minis

First of all, I just LOVE Boyce Farms. One of my absolutely favorites places in Raleigh – the owners are just the sweetest family, the farm is just beautiful, and it’s the perfect place to buy a tree, wreaths, and holiday decor. I have loved taking my boys to their farm every year and really treasure the photos I have of them there. Another big thank you to Suzanna’s Antiques for all their help with props for these. If I haven’t said it enough lately, it’s my favorite store. (If you are a fan of the fixer upper show like me, you definitely need to stop by and shop at Suzanna’s. There are sooo many treasures!)

These were ten minutes, and Ericka of Little Apple Styles really did such an awesome job keeping me on track so that everything ran smoothly. The kids also had so much fun with the props, and who can’t be happy with cookies around!

Styled with Little Apple Styles

Raleigh Boyce Farms Family Photographer | Rebecca Keller Photography


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