Raleigh Family Field Photography – The Daisy Field

What a sweet session this was and how great to see this family again! They moved to Florida, and I couldn’t believe how big they had gotten. The day of this session was pretty hot and humid, which did not bother them at all since they are in Florida and used to all the hot weather. The girls had so much fun, (these three are just so sweet together) and I just love the photo of Mom & Dad! I still can’t believe this was our fourth session, and it was so great to see them again!

According to Mom…

Why did you choose this location and what was the weather like the day of your session? The weather was awesome because the session was in the morning, and it wasn’t as hot as it could have been for June! We chose this location because we had been there before many years ago for a session, and we thought it would be fun to go back.

What is your favorite family activity? We enjoy swimming and going to the beach more than ever since we now live close to both. We also love to visit Disney World whenever we can.

Who are the members of your family and a quick fact about each one? Dan – works at University of Miami fundraising for Pediatrics with their health system
Erin- stay at home mom and now homeschool mom. Ack! How did that happen?:-)
Carly- almost 8 year old third grader. Loves animals and art and enjoys playing outside
Lila- 6 year old first grader. She loves dance and making friends everywhere she goes
Sylvie- Almost 3 year old preschooler. She loves playing with her sisters, Barney, and coloring.

What was your favorite part of the session? This session was amazing. This was our fourth time working with Becky for a shoot, and I think it was our favorite so far. We drove up from Florida(where we now live) specifically to work with her because of her amazing work but also because of how easygoing she is! It is so important that the photographer can put the kids at ease when they are hot and not feeling like smiling for the hundredth time, and that is what Becky does. It was well worth the trip.

Tell me about the outfits you wore to the shoot. I made the mistake of picking the girls’ outfits first. They were from both Carters and Gymboree. It was hard matching Dan and I with theIr outfits though because they were very specific colors, so I had to go with more neutral for us. I would have changed what I wore if I could have had unlimited shopping time without my kids to figure it out. But I think it all turned out well, and I love the kids’ outfits and the colors.

What props did you bring and why? We did not bring props because we would not be able to fit much in our car. This was okay though because Becky lugged the perfect chair up hills and into the wildflowers just for us.

What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a session? think if you have a summer session, it is always good to bring plenty of water and non messy snacks. Our youngest found a chocolate cereal bar somehow and wanted us to open it during the session! The best advice I have for young kids in the summer would be to do the session in the morning. We have done both evening and morning sessions in the summer now, and our kids were much happier in the morning. It was definitely not as hot, and we feel like our pictures were even better than the last ones, and that is saying a lot!

Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? I had no worries beforehand because I knew that Becky would do whatever she could to make it an easy and fun process. She was so efficient with getting our images just the way we wanted them in a timeframe that worked well for all of our kids, especially our toddler.

Raleigh Family Field Photography | Rebecca Keller Photography

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