Raleigh Whimsical Senior Portraits – The Canoe Part 1

This was such a fun senior session to photograph (there were three seniors on this day so you will see the other two photographed on the blog soon also!) Thank goodness we had gorgeous weather – so much planning went into this session(finding a canoe, etc) And it was amazing how heavy it was to carry a canoe all the way to the lake, etc. We ended up getting extra help to carry it back to the car afterwards. (You can see a picture on instagram here) And the light was just STUNNING. While everyone was carrying the canoe, I convinced the girls to stop for like three seconds and capture the breathtaking light (see the second to last image at the bottom! eeeeek!!!! I heart sunset) This session was definitely an adventure – I love the unique location and the variety of backgrounds we were able to use.

According to the Senior….

What was your favorite part of the session? The location was by far my favorite part of the session. This location was very unique and I don’t think any other seniors will have pictures quite like mine. This location had a free people, anthropologie vibe going for it and made the entire session very whimsical.

How did you pick your wardrobe? Where did you shop for the session? I wanted my session to reflect me well so I tried to pick clothes that I would wear regularly. I also had my best friend help me pick out outfits as well as her mom because they are much more fashionable than I am.

Were you nervous about the session beforehand? I was slightly nervous having never had professional pictures taken of me before. However, all of my nerves were eased within a few minutes of meeting my lovely photographer.

What does this session convey about your style/personality? This session truly conveys my optimism for life and my love for nature. There is one picture in particular that captures a moment where I look so naturally blissful. This session connected the artsy aspects of my personality with my studious aspects and characterized my entire high school existence.

What advice can you give to other seniors preparing for their Senior Portraits? Practice how you are going to smile and plan your outfits in advance. You will not regret being over prepared however you most likely will regret being underprepared. Bring lots of clothing options!

Raleigh Whimsical Senior Portraits  | Rebecca Keller Photography

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