Wake Forest Raleigh Baby Lifestyle Photography – Spring

This was such a sweet session at home to document their baby boy’s three month milestone. They have just completed a master bathroom renovation, and their little one just LOVED looking in the mirror with his mommy. I love that we were able to capture that sweet moment at their home. (Just one of the reasons I love, love, love sessions at home!)

According to Mom..

Who are the members of your family and a quick fact about each person?

Matt- #1 daddy
Jen– enjoying maternity leave with my baby boy #3
Graham- 3 months old , has 2 older brothers, has red hair, loves to smile

What were your favorite parts of our session?

This 3 month session was special because it was just with Graham, Mommy and Daddy while his 2 older brothers were at school so it really was all about him and not about keeping up with his older brothers. Love that we captured his smile in so many photos. Graham’s smile just relaxes you when life gets busy or hectic and we really were able to capture that in his 3 month photos.

Tell me about your outfits and why you chose them.

We just finished a master bathroom renovation (not recommended to do this when you have a 1 month old LOL) and our bedroom, which happens to get the best natural night in our house, is now calming and soothing colors, and we knew we wanted to take our photos in there (because it was a little chilly outside that morning). we picked whites and greys in our outfits that complimented our new bedroom colors…….and also goes with Grahams laid back, chill, relaxed personality.

What are some words of wisdom you have for other mamas preparing for a session?

At 3 months, time your photoshoot right after your little one wakes up from morning nap and is happy and fed.

Did you bring any of your little one’s favorites to the session?

It was also fun to dress him in the same green polo shirt that both Ben and Zach wore at 3 months for some of the photos.

What is your wish for your little one?

That he can look back on our 3 month photos and know how much Mommy and Daddy love him!

Wake Forest Raleigh Baby Lifestyle Photography | Rebecca Keller Photography

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