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Friday Favorites

Raleigh Sunflowers Family Photography 

Raleigh Sunflowers Family Photography 4.jpgP I N this to pinterestA few previews from our Sunflower Minis at Dorthea Dix Park! So many more to share!

If you follow me on facebook or instagram, then you probably already know that one of my favorites for this week is the SUNFLOWERS. Thank you City of Raleigh for planting them in a spot where we can all enjoy them this year! The first night of our Sunflower minis Ericka had to drag me out kicking and screaming, because I could have just stayed and photographed the sunflowers all night – ha! I may have been back a few more times, too. Ha! Our second round of sunflowers minis was also an amazing night. If you haven’t seen them yet, you better hurry! I’m not sure how much longer they will be pretty and blooming. I might try to go just one more time before they are gone…

The Apple Store’s free camps. Owen signed up for camp this week about making videos + has another one about robots coming up. He really loved it + learned so much. Another nice part of the camp was that they had a class for the parents at the same time during on one of the days. Owen has now made several videos + his enjoying his new hobby.

Laurelbox. I found this website when looking for something to send a friend going through a heartbreaking loss. I love all the thoughtful boxes that you can send + the encouraging verses and jewelry.

Bartaco. We just tried the restaurant recently. First of all, it’s beautiful – all the lights are in baskets, but the best part for me was the photography. There’s a lot of really great photos everywhere, but I was admiring how they had a huge image blown up that was obviously high high ISO with lots of grain, and it was just beautiful. I was just so happy to see that image and love inspiring art. Just a disclaimer that everything is small portions so it was a fun meal with friends where we continuously ordered, but we weren’t prepared for how small the portions were.

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We’ve been saving up to go on vacation, so I’ve found a lot of Dave Ramsey hashtags on instagram to be encouraging. Love scrolling through hashtags and reading encouraging stories.

So I found The Mysteries of Laura on Netflix. (Of course, Michael thinks its boring and terrible) It has the guy from Sweet Home Alabama in it and Debra Messing, and it keeps me entertained while editing. I’m always up to recommendations for things to watch while editing.

Not going to Build a Bear was definitely a favorite this week, ha! Not going to miss standing in a crazy line!! And we definitely do not need any more stuffed animals!

Girls Breakfast in Greensboro. Spending time with friends is such a struggle with the busyness of kids and life right? I was really thankful this week for a small amount of time with some of my best friends. We’ve been friends since we were fourteen…a long time. It is never easy to make the time, but it’s always so worth it. Like when I woke up to go, it was storming and I was like, nope. HA! (I hate storms. like with a passion. But, to be fair, I drove through some seriously intense terrifying storms in high school and after that, I just kind of hated them forever) That being said, there’s always obstacles to getting together with lifelong friends.Make it happen!

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