Raleigh Family Newborn Photographer – Sleepy Baby Sister

How special to have photographed this adorable big brother’s newborn portraits and first year, and to get to photograph portraits with his baby sister. Mom also had a lot of their portraits displayed all over the house! So fun! It was so great to see this sweet family again and they were just so well adjusted to life as a family of four. It was fun to capture a few of big brother in his room and also so many cute ones of him holding his baby sister – just precious!

According to Mom…

What did you think when you saw your baby for the first time? I did it! It’s finally over! (I had set out to have an unmedicated birth, and after 19.5 hours of posterior back labor, I succeeded!)

What was your favorite part of our session together? I loved that we were able to stop and take breaks when things got stressful or when my toddler seemed to be getting too overstimulated. I didn’t need to feel rushed at all!

How did you prepare the baby for our photoshoot? I tried to have a relaxing morning. I have found that when I get flustered, both my baby and toddler can sense it and they get flustered as well.

What would be your advice to someone getting newborn photographs taken? I would say just go with the flow, Becky knows what she’s doing! I had a few ideas of what I wanted ahead of time, but I found my favorite pictures were the ones where I just relaxed and listened to Becky.

Do you have other children? How did they react to the baby? I have a two year old boy who absolutely loves his sister – maybe a little too much. He loves to hold her and will climb into any rocker/bouncer/carseat/contraption that is holding her and try to cuddle with her. He also loves to just come up and hug her, and will say “I got you” over and over again.

How would you describe your perfect Saturday as a family? My perfect Saturday would be one where we hang out at the park all morning, everyone takes a LONG nap, and we eat a delicious home cooked dinner that I don’t have to cook:)

Any advice to other families picking our wardrobe or preparing for family portraits? Think ahead! My first time around I chose what to wear a day or two before, and because I waited until after the baby was born, I wasn’t as able to go out and buy a new outfit when nothing quite fit right. This time around, I had a few options picked out ahead of time that I thought might fit well, and so I was able to go “shopping” in my closet to see what fit my post-baby body best. Then I was able to return what I did not wear.

Raleigh Family Newborn Photographer | Rebecca Keller Photography

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Family Newborn Photographer featured in People Magazine and on several blogs including Let the Kids Dress Themselves. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about family newborn photography in Raleigh. NC and travel sessions.