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I got to meet some sweet little ones this week…it seems like most of my babies have been arriving early lately, and I will be photographing so many newborns in the next few weeks. I am so excited! I love, love, love newborn sessions at home. It’s nice for famlies not to have to pack up everything and go somewhere, and I also just love being able to capture memories of the first days at home.

This little one just slept and slept during his session this week.

Raleigh Newborn Photographer | Rebecca Keller Photogarphy

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And I had to share this dreamy moment. (Another reason why I love newborn sessions at home. Moments like these.)

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I’ve been photographing a lot more of siblings meeting in the hospital the past few months, and I love these sessions. The day my boys met was one of the sweetest days ever. It was such a joy to photograph these sweet girls meeting this week. So much joy!

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And then this sweet little one’s session. He was just precious and slept for most of his session. Looooved photographing him with his Mommy & Daddy.

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rise donutsP I N this to pinterestDonut you want to be my Valentine?

Article by Ericka of Little Apple Styles

Images by Rebecca Keller Photography 

There is no such thing as too many donuts – Mr. Little Apple

    If you have been reading me this week – you may think I am slightly consumed with Valentine’s Day. Good news for you, I am an equal opportunity offender as I am the same way with any holiday. I just love any reason for celebrating!

    I went to run some errands earlier today and you could tell the Valentine’s aisles where looking very empty… and the Easter stuff was already taking over. No worries guys, flowers and chocolates have been moved right by the cash registers so you do not even have to walk to the back of the store anymore – haha!

    This year I am planning in having a fun Valentine’s breakfast for my little family. And since the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I decided to explore Mr. Little Apple’s favorite spot. He has been talking about Rise for quite some time. I am not a donut lover, so I had not been there until recently. I wanted to check the menu and see what all the fuss was about. Becky and her little ones were coming over that afternoon – so it was the perfect time for an impromptu tasting party.

    The Rise store in Morrisville opens at 7 am and closes at 2pm. I arrived there at 1:55pm and the store was pretty full for being almost closing time. The line moved really fast. I thought it was because the employees were ready to go, but I heard from several friends that is a common practice. I am normally very indecisive, but this time I knew exactly what I was looking for. The Maple Bacon donut! Thankfully, there was one left. My special taster said it was fresh and tasted delicious.raleigh styled food photography_0384P I N this to pinterest    I once heard someone saying “It is so good it makes me want to write some poetry” WELL, this is what my 7 year old told me when I asked her if she liked her Cheerwine Iced Donut….

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I like Donuts

Donuts are Good….

It cracked me up! For the record, she did not come up with it. She heard it somewhere – but I found it very self explanatory. It was also Owen’s favorite and he happily volunteered to take pictures holding one – as long as he got to eat more!

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So ladies and gentlemen – if you want to surprise your Valentine for breakfast tomorrow, sneak out early and get Rise donuts. I am glad I surprised mine ahead of time since he gave up sweets for lent. I still can’t figure how someone can have that much self control! 

*Ericka has been taking over the blog with so much Valentines this week – see more here.

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Ericka Jimmerson is a busy mom of two who runs Little Apple Styles, photography + event styling. Contact her at if you need help making your event picture perfect!

Rebecca Keller is a family photographer featured in People Magazine who spends her time sipping iced coffee, chasing after her two little ones, reading, running, and editing. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Raleigh Styled Food Photography.


 A party without a cake, is just a meeting.        

-Julia Child

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Images by Rebecca Keller Photography

Article by Ericka of Little Apple Styles

    My quest for the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert continues. A little secret about me..I LOVE dessert. When growing up my sweet grandmother made sure that I took baking lessons. Every summer she sent me to random dessert (and cooking…and knitting..and sewing) lessons. Now that I think about it, I actually finished a cake decorating course. After all the studying, I realized I was put in this world to eat, and not to bake cakes. My aunts on the other hand – they are amazing bakers. If I could only convince them to open a shop – life will be better…but that is a whole different post! 

    I was excited to visit Nothing Bundt Cakes – I had read great reviews and they recently opened a shop really close to me. For some reason I always end up bringing the kids with me when venturing new places. My level of consumption ends up being in direct relation with the store’s customer service. Note to store owners – if you are nice to my kids, I will break the bank. It is my way to show my gratitude for your patience with my rambunctious 3 year old and for answering the thousand questions my 7 year old will ask.

    Morrisville’s Nothing Bundt Cakes is super cute and smells delicious as you walk in. You will be greeted with a smile and offered their sample of the day – it is their way to sell you to the other cake you had no intention in buying – but end up getting because your kids ate 5 samples each. Do not ask me how I know! The cakes are super moist and taste delicious. My favorite is the lemon, but both kids preferred the Red Velvet – which came in handy because it is the perfect Valentine’s Day addition to my menu. Just in case you are planning in stopping by after a movie/dinner date – they do not have available seating. If you do not like to eat in your car, or if your significant other does not let you eat in his/her car *cough, cough* like Mr Little Apple – best plan on taking it home.  sweet valentines_0321P I N this to pinterestsweet valentines_0322P I N this to pinterest

sweet valentines_0324P I N this to pinterestsweet valentines_0325P I N this to pinterestFor Valentine’s Day I think this is a great alternative to flowers. You can pick up decorated in a cellophane bag – or you can add a banner like the one I am using (Holla Michaels!) . The heart candles I found in there are also a great addition and were a great hit. Just remember to sing ‘Love is in the air’ instead of Happy Birthday – haha

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Sweet Valentines

Ericka Jimmerson is a busy mom of two who runs Little Apple Styles, photography + event styling. Contact her at if you need help making your event picture perfect!

Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Cary Styled Family Photographer featured in People Magazine who spends her time sipping iced coffee, chasing after her two little ones, reading, running, and editing.


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Yay for the 2015 Image of the Year – so excited for this year’s entries! There are 19 entries this year, each 2015 client chose their own image for the competition. (you can view all of the images in the gallery here but votes only count on the blog)

One will will receive a 2016 session from Rebecca Keller Photography and second place will win an 11×14 canvas. Voting for round two will end on February 5th at 11:59PM.Wake Forest Lifestyle Family Photographer_0225P I N this to pinterestWake Forest Lifestyle Family Photographer_0226P I N this to pinterestWake Forest Lifestyle Family Photographer_0227P I N this to pinterestWake Forest family lifestyle Photographer_0228P I N this to pinterest

Voting only counts on the blog (not on facebook) and you can only vote one time each day. Those caught violating the rules will be removed from the contest. The photographer can change the rules/prizes at any time. Rebecca Keller is a Wake Forest Family Lifestyle Photographer in Raleigh, N.C.



What a sweet session this was last November to celebrate this little one at ten months. He was all smiles – I loved photographing him climbing up the stairs and crawling around. I’ve been photographing this sweet family even before he was born. (He is the youngest of three and such a sweetheart!) And oh, that hair! Isn’t it beautiful? Just like his Mama’s! I love that they have taken the time to photograph and document each one of their children and have had portraits with all three of them. I also love what Mom picked out for them to wear during the session, and she just looked so pretty! He was just so sweet playing in the leaves at the end of their session. Oh, I love fall! I miss those warm weather days!

North Raleigh Baby Photographer | Rebecca Keller Photography 


north-raleigh-baby-photographer_4239P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4240P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4241P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4242P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4243P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4244P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4245P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4246P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4247P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4248P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4249P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4250P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4251P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4252P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4253P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4254P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4255P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4256P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4257P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4258P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4259P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4260P I N this to pinterestnorth-raleigh-baby-photographer_4261P I N this to pinterest


Rebecca Keller is a North Raleigh Baby Photographer featured in People Magazine and is often found in Raleigh, North Carolina chasing after her two boys, sipping iced coffee, and photographing sweet families. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about family and newborn photography in Raleigh, North Carolina and travel sessions.