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I just love everything about this sweet newborn session in December. One of the things that I just love about custom newborn sessions at home are that they are just that – custom. Those first days at home with a newborn – they just eat and need so much attention that you barely have time to think about your newborn session. (and add the fact that you aren’t getting much sleep!) The great thing about newborn sessions at home is you don’t have to pack a hundred things to go somewhere – I simply show up and look around for the best light and we usually pull things from your home as backgrounds, etc so that the session truly matches your home and your style.  I love how this session not only shows how much love they have for their sweet baby girl but will also look just gorgeous on their walls because it matches their home perfectly. And of course, I love using the Christmas tree for background during December newborn sessions. I have loved seeing everyone’s baby’s first Christmas ornaments and photographing their trees!

I first met this sweet family for their fall maternity portraits (see here.) This baby girl was surrounded by so much love – just love the images that we got with all of their family, including the puppies. (Another part I love about newborn sessions at home – photos with the whole family, including pets!) Her mama decorated her nursery just beautifully – love her mobile! Oh, and one more thing, only two more days left to enter the 2014 Image of the Year Competition, so if you had a session in 2014, don’t forget to send in your images!


Raleigh-Newborn-Photography_1678P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1679P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1680P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1681P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1682P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1683P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1684P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1685P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1686P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1687P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1688P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1689P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Family-Photography_1711P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1690P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1691P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1692P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1693P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1694P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1695P I N this to pinterestRaleigh-Newborn-Photography_1696P I N this to pinterest

Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer and Raleigh Maternity Photographer in Raleigh, North Carolina. Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Lifestyle Family Photographer and specializes in Raleigh Newborn Photography. Sessions are on location or at the Rebecca Keller Photography studio. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Raleigh Newborn Photography in Cary, Holly Springs, Apex, Wake Forest, and also for more information about travel sessions.

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Two special events coming soon – I’m so super excited! If you booked a session in 2014, you should have gotten an e-mail from me. (Please let me know if you booked a session in 2014 and did not receive an e-mail from me about the 2014 Image of the Year Competition.) Also, if you are thinking of booking a 2015 session, there is a special event for 2015 Clients Feb 2nd and 7th. (Session must be booked by 01/15/2015.) Sign ups will be sent out on the 15th to everyone who has already booked their 2015 session. I STILL can’t believe it’s 2015, and I’m really looking forward to all of the fun sessions planned for this year! Contact me for more information about 2015 sessions.

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Rebecca Keller is a Cary Raleigh Newborn Photographer NC in Raleigh, N.C. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about travel sessions and Raleigh Family Photography in Wake Forest, Holly Springs, Cary, Apex, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

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So this newborn session was very unique – they lived in an amazing old building in downtown Durham with so much history. All I could say was, wow, when I walked in. It was decorated beautifully also, and you can see so much of that in the images. I especially love the first image. (see if you can find the sweet little baby) What I really loved about this newborn session – we captured their family and love for their sweet baby boy in these images.

* One of my favorite parts of the session was some artwork I saw and asked about. The grandparents (who were there – yay! I love when there are grandparents at newborn sessions. It’s always great to have more help around!) made it (how awesome) and we were able to take some images of the baby with the artwork in the background. Love it, and of course, the images instantly match their decor, too.

* His hair. Do I need to say anything else? He was as cute as can be and that hair – so precious!!

* Ok, I love that they were within walking distance from Monuts and had some donuts they were snacking on while I was there. I had to capture that little part of the story since it’s part of living in downtown Durham right:)

* You know I love the exposed brick and super cool windows right? And that couch was just amazing. I love the gray texture for sooo many images

* Pets. I LOVE adding pets to sessions – they are family members, too. Their sweet little puppy was just so adorable.

* Could that Extra Small Shirt be any cuter?!?

* We incorporated so many of their things in the sessions. I absolutely love that because then your session is unique and special to you. We used their blankets, their little one’s special quilt, and the grandparents artwork – what we used had meaning to them and I loved that.

Ok I am about to share soo many images – get ready! I just love newborn sessions at home so much!

durham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1256P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1257P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1258P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1259P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1260P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1261P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1262P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1263P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1264P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1266P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1267P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1268P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1269P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1270P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1271P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1272P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1273P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1274P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1275P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1276P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1277P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1278P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1279P I N this to pinterestdurham-raleigh-newborn-lifestyle-photography_1280P I N this to pinterest

Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Maternity and Raleigh Newborn Photographer. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Durham Raleigh Newborn Lifestyle Photography.


I first met this sweet family for big brother’s one year session and was so excited when they asked me to photograph their family again for this little one’s newborn portraits. I have seen a lot of changes in Raleigh traffic over the past year (Um – wow! It is A LOT different!) and the morning of this session, 540 was completely closed. Does that really happen? That was the only day I’ve ever heard of 540 being closed. The thought of sitting stuck on a highway for hours stressed me out to no end so thank goodness my husband is so great at maps and directions and he got me out and away from the traffic and I finally arrived at this session. Whew. You can see how giggly and happy big brother was – that first picture of him peeking out the window and laughing has got to be one of my favorites. He is just sooo adorable! (And the image of him playing with his dinosaur – soooo cute) I know I say it all the time but I just love newborn sessions at home in the first two weeks. Yes, everyone’s tired (one reason why it is nice to have the photographer come to your home) but it’s always so sweet to photograph the excitement and love of having a new baby. I’m now booking newborns in January/February so if you are thinking of booking a newborn session, contact me for more information!

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Newborn Photographer. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Cary Raleigh Newborn Family Photography in Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Cary, North Carolina.

Light is one of the most important elements of can really change the whole look and feel. I know I mention it all the time, but I looove sessions at home and I also love dreamy sunset light. Those are my two favorite because sessions at home can have so many different types of lighting and sunset light is well, gorgeous. The day of their session it was sunny but then got cloudy I think, as soon as I got there. We used the little pockets of pretty light in the house (and took a few outside, too) and I love all of the images from their session. Sometimes the smallest spaces at home can have the prettiest light. Such a sweet session with their baby girl and their puppy (Remember his super cute shirt from their maternity session?)

NC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0709P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0710P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0711P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0712P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0713P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0714P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0715P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0716P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0717P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0718P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0719P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0720P I N this to pinterestNC-Raleigh-Newborn-On-Location-Photographer-photo_0721P I N this to pinterest


Rebecca Keller is a NC Raleigh Newborn On Location Photographer. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Natural Light Wake Forest Raleigh Newborn and Family Photography in Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Cary, North Carolina.