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Oh September is teaching me a lot about rain and patience. And even though the sun is peeking through this very minute, the ground is just way too muddy to be out photographing. Sigh. So many reschedules are up in the air right now..and then, out of nowhere, a hurricane is coming this weekend during our super cute minis with Little Apple Styles. (Whatever she designs is just magic, and these will be oh so adorable, just not sure when they will be held right now with the hurricane. It looks like even our back up day will be washed out.) I am holding out hope that next week will be filled with sun and photo sessions, too!

We have eased into kindergarten life. There have been some really cute days where the class read Blueberries for Sal and the mamas brought in blueberry snacks. Then Johnny Appleseed came in to visit which included apple snacks, apple art, and of course, apple juice! The former teacher in me loves these super themed fun days for the kids. It just makes learning more fun.

1.Settling into a carpool routine makes life so much easier. So thankful for a good friend and a sweet husband so that we’ve worked out a great carpool in the mornings and afternoons Wed-Fri which makes it a little bit easier for Harrison to nap and for me to get a little bit of work done. Figuring out how to get Harrison on a good nap schedule has been one of the biggest challenges since starting kindergarten. Monday and Tuesday I still do carpool in the mornings and afternoons so I get time to catch up on reading.

2.Books I’ve read this month-

It’s still kind of unbelievable that I read two books this month and I’m almost finished with a third. Part of it was carpool and part of it traveling. The first book I read was All the Light We Cannot See.I will admit I had a really hard time reading the first chapter or two and was avoiding the book everyday during carpool. I had another friend who told me she kind of felt the same way about the beginning, so that made me feel better that I’m not the only one. What I found on our way to DC was that I needed a big chunk of time to really get into + read the book. It was so great, so if you get into this book, carve out a little bit of time for the beginning. I also re-read the beginning once I got to the middle. (you’ll understand when you start reading it) Highly recommend this one – looooved.

We flew to Disney and Michael held Harrison on the way there while watching Netflix on his phone. On the way back, I was going to hold him and realized I needed something to read,etc since he will sleep. And flying just makes me a little bit nervous. Holding Harrison helps calm my nerves. We were major delayed, and it was late so I knew he’d sleep (he did) I downloaded The Fault in Our Stars, and it was so good. I really felt like I was lucky with both books I chose this month (and I’m just about to finish a non-fiction one I’ll share next month) I haven’t seen the movie to this book, but I just might have to watch it now. It was a very quick and easy read, and I might have sobbed a little. Anyone seen the movie – what did you think? What are you reading this month? Send me some recommendations!

3. Not to forget to pack your ponchos at Disney. (usually around 1.00 at target) Disney in September is way different than Disney in January. Since we’ve mostly been in January, we haven’t experienced the sweating all day heat or typical Florida it rains once a day everyday. We probably pulled out our ponchos at least once a day, too.

4. I realllly love traveling for sessions. We went to DC this month to meet our friends’ sweet baby boy, and what a joy to see them and photograph them. The boys also loved visiting museums and seeing the White House, too.

5. The Fitbit HRis my new bff. So, I have really loved this fit bit for many reasons. Yes, I have the purple and I just accessorize it with other bracelets so it doesn’t stand out as much when I wear it with non workout clothes. The caller ID function is great, so if I’m working, I can see if it’s the babysitter calling by looking at my wrist instead of having to get my phone out of my bag. I also love that during pure barre, when my phone is in the other room, I can still see who’s calling on my fitbit. I also turn the screen lock off when running and watching my heart rate on the app. (I set it up on the treadmill where I can see it.) My fitbit was crazy steps when we went to Disney, and it always fun to see how many steps your friends have each week. (Let’s be fit bit friends – find me if you have one!)

6. Suzanna’s Antiques has the best pumpkins. If you are looking for pumpkins – stop at Suzanna’s (see here.) How fun that they have Cinderella pumpkins, gourds, white pumpkins, big and little orange pumpkins, and all kinds of whimsical and antique decor. Definitely one of my favorite places ever.




I know it’s just September 1st, but I am getting so excited about fall and pumpkins. I know it will still be a while, but I am sooooo excited. I may or may not have already bought some pumpkin treats for the boys. It does make me a little sad that labor day is coming and the pool will be closing. We have so many sweet memories from this summer and I love looking back at all the photographs. We spent this last weekend in DC and had such a fun time at the museums and walked up to the White House.

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Goals for September:

1. 10,000 steps a day. I’ve been monitoring my steps this month and some days I don’t get close so I’m working on it.

2. Blog a preview for the Holiday Minis. All the info has been sent to 2015 clients and if you want to know more about the Free Holiday Minis (they are going to be sooooo cute!) contact me for more info and to see a preview!)

3. Decorate for autumn/buy and plant mums. Even though they don’t last that long, I just loooove mums. (and fall, and pumpkins.)

4. Finish planning a special family trip at the end of the month.

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Family Photographer featured in People Magazine and on several blogs including Let the Kids Dress Themselves and Lemonade and Lenses. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about family photography and travel sessions.

August was such a great month. We spent our last days at the beach, got ready for Kindergarten, and then took a trip to Washington, D.C. for a newborn session and got to spend a little bit of time with friends sightseeing.

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1.The kindergarten schedule has taken some getting used to. He gets out of school pretty early – I have to be in carpool at 1:40 and wait for him until 2 and sometimes don’t really get back home until 2:30 depending on how far back I was in the carpool line. Until this week, I was still trying to figure out the best way to organize a new working schedule and I think I’ve finally found it. (He is looooooving kindergarten which is so great and looks forward to every day)

2.Carpool is a great time for catching up on reading. I can’t read anything during morning carpool, but having to sit there in the afternoon for 20 minutes or more, I’ve already read one book, and I’m starting on another. If I didn’t have this time, I’d find it difficult to sit down and read during the day.

3.Along the lines of starting school this month, I have realllly enjoyed packing school lunches again. It’s been so much fun, and I’m not sure how long he’ll let me pack him batman sandwiches or lightsaber skewers, so I’m just going to make his lunchbox fun as long as possible.

4.If you go to the Air and Space Museum in DC, you get to go in a real spaceship. Owen was in love, and I’d have to say, it was pretty cool.

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This is the last quiet month before the busy fall. We’ve been working so hard on what we will offer around the holidays this year. (It’s going to be so super cute, and I’m so excited!)

Goals for August:

Shoot a preview of holiday minis

Send out information about our last client event – in October

Swim, and play at the beach one last time

Volunteer & help the kindergarten teachers at Owen’s school

Organize all information for 2016 sessions.

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Rebecca Keller is a family and newborn photographer in Raleigh, NC featured in People Magazine and on several blogs including Let the Kids Dress Themselves and Lemonade and Lenses. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about family photography and travel sessions.

May was a busy busy month. It’s summer! Looking forward to June and everything summer…watermelon, key lime pie, trips to the pool (once Owen’s collarbone is better)  more beach trips, collecting sea shells, ice cream, popsicles..(does most of this have to do with food?) We celebrate Owen and his cousin’s birthday every year at the beach Memorial Day weekend – these two just love decorating their cake!

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The critters went to Disney World 

Goals for June:

1. I want to attempt 20 Pure Barre classes in 30 days but we will just see how it goes. Sometimes I am just too sore to go back two days in a row. It’s a little bit more difficult to get there since there’s no childcare but I’d like to see how many classes I can get to this month. I can also try to squeeze in a 6 A.M. class before Michael goes to work.

2. Come up with super fun memorable summer ideas that Owen can do even with his hurt arm. We attempted a trip to the park last week and it was just too hard for him not to be able to climb and do all the things that he is used to doing.  Hopefully our check up on Friday will go well.

3. I have a few books to finish reading this month and will update you on what I thought at the end of June. I’ve been using the GoodReads app a lot and love seeing what my friends are reading and recommending.

4. Make an album of our Pinkle Toes family pictures. Can’t wait to blog all of them. I have a lot of blogging to catch up on this week so stay tuned for a lot of blog posts!

5. Shoot an example of what our Limited Edition Event with Little Apple Styles in August is going to be like. This one is going to be sooooo super cute and very unique! It’s definitely one you won’t want to miss.

6. Start booking fall sessions. I’ve had a lot of people contact me about fall dates so I will be opening them up soon. These go very quickly – especially weekend dates.

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Maternity Photographer featured in People Magazine, Denim + Grace Magazine and on several blogs including Lemonade and Lenses, On To Baby, and Let the Kids Dress Themselves. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about travel sessions and Raleigh Newborn Family Child Photography.