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1.December goes by way too fast. Christmas shop before Thanksgiving next year.

2.Owen is just so brave. He was so excited about his first piano recital and was even determined to play one page by memory. The recital was definitely passed Harrison’s bed time, and he did a little wandering during the performance. (Good thing we found a seat on the front row so everyone could see his wandering, ha!) The two of them may end up in a band together one day – Harrison loves to play with him. I was just so relieved Harrison didn’t climb up there and bang on the piano with him during the recital, which is always a struggle when practicing. (Trying to draw on his piano papers and tearing them up is also a favorite) Owen grinned from ear to ear when he was finished, and even smiled at me while playing (melt my Mama heart!) It was a joy to see how confident and happy he was – I would have been scared to death playing before a lot of people. Oh, and his recital was held at a retirement home, which I just absolutely loved.

maternity photography wake forest ncP I N this to pinterestHis first piano recital

3.I really have enjoyed Periscope. If someone has a great broadcast, it is really entertaining while folding laundry – ha! Who’s on periscope?  Who do you like to follow?

4.The Museum of Life and Science in Durham is so much fun in the afternoons. Before kindergarten, I had strict afternoon working hours (plus it was naptime for the kids) Carpool has flipped that a little around so…(anyways, that’s the reason we’ve never been in the afternoon.) Owen had some half days at school, so I picked him up, and we headed out. It was so quiet, the weather was beautiful, and we made some great new friends. The butterfly house is pretty crowded in the mornings, but it was almost completely empty, and the boys loved being able to take their time and look at all the different butterflies. Owen always loves getting one of the information sheets with the types of butterflies, and trying to figure out which ones they are.

5.Holiday minis this year were WONDERFUL. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who came, had great attitudes, and helped so much with the little ones. So many great memories made and images to go along with them! And thanks so much to Ericka for all her help!

raleigh-santa-mini-sessions-photography_4110P I N this to pinterest

6.I think pretty much any movie can make me cry. (I really was NOT expecting Star Wars to make me tear up) I would tell you which part, but I don’t want to give any spoilers.

7.One of my favorite things is to run outside with the BOB and my boys. Thankful for this great weather lately so Harrison and I can chat on our long walks after my runs. Our neighborhood has some crazy hills, so I finally found a route I can run without ending up on one of the huge hills at the very end. My Fitbit is already telling me my heart rate is crazy by that point – ha! Did anyone get a fitbit for Christmas? If so, add me as a friend so we can challenge each other! I’m not always so great at wearing it, but I try to keep it on. I’ve realized a lot of days I don’t get 10,000 steps unless I do go for a run, so I really need to move more!

8.I tried rocksbox this month, and really loved it! I’ll do a post with what I got this month. Thanks to Ericka and Molly for recommending it! (My referral code is BECKYBFF39 if you decide to sign up! thank you, thank you, thank you!)

9.Owen will be in 4th grade when Harrison starts kindergarten. (um, wow, that is a long time from now!)

10.A Christmas birthday is really just tough, poor guy. We decided we will be celebrating June 25th. (And Owen’s birthday is in June…so yeah, two birthdays!!!!!) He’s getting so big – did you see this video? Everytime he says, “Hi Mommy!” love, love, love him!

11. What I Read in December. December is such a busy month but I managed to read Money-Making Momin one day. I love following Crystal’s blog, and I found it to be a good and easy read. I finished it really quickly, and I think part of that was I had been so busy in December with working and activities, that I was so happy to have a minute to read!

12.Top instagram posts of 2015 –

maternity photography wake forest NCP I N this to pinterest

People Magazine, newborn photography, a lot of Disney + ballet, my boy going to kindergarten and apple picking with my babies. I love that these were my top images of 2015.

13.Rain Bootswas one of the best investments I made this fall. I bought them the weekend we were supposed to get really bad flooding (which did not end up happening and I was scared to death that morning at a newborn session on the other side of the county. If you’ve ever been at a session with me where it has started lightning, etc, you will know that I am NOT a fan of weather and may run to my car so fast that I didn’t even know I could run that fast)

Happy New Year! I’ll be sending out the January newsletter tomorrow with a lot of information about upcoming events! (Sign up here)newborn photography raleigh NCP I N this to pinterest


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raleigh santa mini sessions photographerP I N this to pinterestHe was so proud of his list that he cut and pasted (and then made a list for Harrison on the back)

How is everyone’s December going? Are you still shopping for presents? I am super excited that I am almost done (whew!) I still need to pick up a few stocking stuffers, and I think we will be officially done. We have mostly stayed out of the stores – we did pick up a few trains from the craft store + a few other things, but mostly a lot of online shopping, which means our UPS and Fedex drivers have been at our house a lot. I’ve also found a few great things in online facebook yard sales. If you live in my part of North Raleigh, you’ve probably seen the post where someone walked out of their house and saw someone trying to break into their garage one morning. Just a reminder to keep the doors locked/alarm on/lock your car doors, too.

A few of my December favorites…

1. I am trying out rocksbox and I’ll let you know what I think at the end of the month. I am so excited (Thank you, Ericka and Molly, for the recommendation. See Molly’s great post here that finally convinced me to try it. And if you decide to try it, definitely use code BECKYBFF39  and yes, it’s a referral for me. thank you, thank you, thank you)

2. I am loving everything Kendra Scott right now. Definitely on my Christmas list, and I bought a few pieces for my Mama (Who has a piece and what is your favorite?)

3. I used to be like no way I am ever wearing uggs. I now own a chesnut leather pair and never want to take them off. like ever. I walk in the house and forget to take them off or just plain refuse to. I think I need the slipper now.

4. So, in trying to be more organized in 2016, I have ordered this planner. It has been a long time since I’ve used a paper planner but the interchangeable photo covers kind of sealed the deal. I’ll keep you updated on what I think – I opted for the vertical planner.

5. Just discovered this boutique at Wrightsville Beach when looking for a gift online, (because you know, I’m mostly online shopping) and now I want to go to there. (Who’s been – what did you think?!?) Love that you can watch their story on their website,too!

If you haven’t been to Piper’s Lights, we headed out there this week, and it’s so great. (Remember to take a cash donation) Any other suggestions for great Christmas spots in Raleigh? Let me know in the comments!

I am extremely overwhelmed by all the delicious Christmas cookie ideas on Pinterest but thinking of trying these – Owen would love them, and these look so fun.

raleigh santa mini session photographer 43423P I N this to pinterest

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I love Christmas. December is a busy month, especially wrapping up all the final sessions before Christmas Cards can be sent out. (And everyone trying to get their cards ordered before there is crazy shipping to get your cards) I love the holidays – I think I always have a bigger list for what I want to do than what actually gets done, but I always need to remember the reason for the season, slow down and spend time with my kids, and enjoy it.

My mom’s Christmas present every year is an album of photos of the grandkids together. The girls happened to be in town right before Thanksgiving and Suzanna’s Antiques was so nice to let us photograph all of them there together. The kids had a fun time and then we went out for a big breakfast afterwards!

raleigh kids photographer_3878P I N this to pinterestraleigh kids photographer_3879P I N this to pinterestraleigh kids photographer_3880P I N this to pinterestraleigh kids photographer_3881P I N this to pinterestraleigh kids photographer_3882P I N this to pinterest

Super Simple Goals for December:

1.Build a Gingerbread House

2.Work on our Jesse Tree Ornaments

3.Read lots of Christmas books

4.Decorate the tree

5.Finish the 2015 Free Holiday Minis (Shooting and Editing)

6.Drive around a few times a week at night to look at Christmas lights with the boys

Merry Christmas!

Halloween was just so much fun – Harrison was very motivated to say trick or treat and thank you once he saw the candy. He was still very shy though, and mostly wanted me to hold him while he asked for candy. We walked a big loop around the neighborhood and were exhausted when we got back last night. We use light up pumpkin buckets for the candy, and it really helped us keep an eye on Owen when he ran ahead a little bit. (It’s so hard to be patient when there’s just so much candy everywhere!)

Raleigh Apple Picking Family Photographer | Rebecca Keller Photography

raleigh apple picking family photographerP I N this to pinterest

Goals for November:

1.Finalize all of our plans for our first Santa Mini Sessions with Little Apple Styles (Contact us for more info about the Free Holiday Minis – free when booking a 2016 session. I think right now we have one spot left on 11/21 and a few spots left on 12/2)

2.Edit, Edit, and then edit. I think the biggest part of November for me is going to be editing. Lots and lots of editing. I never watched Friends (I know!) So I’ve been watching Friends and the Fixer Uppers while editing to keep me going. It’s raining right now which means I’m not out shooting but editing, editing, editing.

3.Decide on a better organization system for our garage. I have props ya’ll, lots and lots of props. And then add on all of the kid gear – double bob, red wagon, (vintage and plasic) old sled, big wheel, scooters, city mini, joovy ergo, single Bob. (yes I have a lot of strollers.) and a lot more. I know Michael would love all of this organized so I’d love all of your favorite garage ideas.

4.Decide on a Christmas card, get everything organized and sent out.

5.Christmas Shopping. (yes!) I do not want to wait and do this all in December. Most will probably be done on amazon or online. I love when I start getting all of the free shipping emails.




raleigh pumpkin patch photographerP I N this to pinterest

Oh, I LOVE Anne of Green Gables, and now I watch to watch both – Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. Who else read all the books growing up and watched the movies over and over? One mama played Anne of Green Gables while in labor during a birth I photographed. (Great way to pass the time – you never know how long labor can last!) I remember my brother and I fighting over whether I got to watch Anne of Green Gables or he got to watch Star Wars. That’s another thing to put on the to do list – watch all of the Star Wars movies. There are so many, but it’s been so long since I’ve watched them.

Goals for October

  1. On the subject of Anne, I’d like to read “Anne of Green Gables,” My Daughter, and Me: What My Favorite Book Taught Me about Grace, Belonging, and the Orphan in Us All
    . If I finish that one, next on the list is Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World
    , and then I need to find another one! (And as always, I LOVE book recommendations, so if you’ve read anything good lately, send it my way!)
  2. Reschedule every session that has been rained out or is about to be rained out by the cold fronts + hurricanes this weekend.
  3. Start working on a monthly newsletter. (If you haven’t signed up, you can here!) This month will be my first one.
  4. Take the kids apple picking and to the pumpkin farm. I am hoping these do not get rained out.
  5. Launch something new for our clients – stay tuned to the newsletter for more info!
  6. Try to go to barre class every other day, at least 3 times a week. (It is so hard if you miss too many days)
  7. Make a super fun October chex mix for Owen’s lunchbox.