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Hello, 2017!

Raleigh Newborn Maternity Photography

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Yay for 2017! We celebrated the New Year at home watching movies + eating yummy food. Ever since I was pregnant with Harrison, I have a hard time staying awake after 8 PM – ha! I managed to get pretty close to midnight but didn’t quite make it. There were lots of fireworks going on in our neighborhood so that woke me up around time to celebrate:)

So, one of my big goals for January, my BLOG! Every year I think, oh, this fall won’t be as busy. I won’t work as much and somehow it just gets sooo busy. In order to get clients images to them quickly, I just focus on mostly editing + shooting during the crazy fall. I reallly love blogging and sharing sessions so a huge goal of mine for this month is to get back to blogging and sharing sessions. And I have so many great books to share. I think I read an insane amount of books in August/September and then fall craziness set in so the number of books read went down to barely nothing! The holiday break has been nice and a chance to read a little bit. I did have three sessions after Christmas so not a crazy amount of time. Looking forward to getting back to blogging!

Goals for January

1.Catch up on my blog (See above!)

2.Read up on 100 Days of Real Foodfor some more recipe ideas. Also, you know how much I love my Instant Pot   (you can sometimes get one cheaper when they are Amazon’s deal of the day) & I’m super excited to check out this new book, Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot. It can be overwhelming sometimes how many cookbooks I want to read. If I only had the time!

3.Get back to my Mason Jar Salad Group. I missed out on a few weeks with being so busy with sessions at the end of December. I love, love, love having salads during the week. Start one with your neighbors (more here)

4.Finish working on my powersheets + goal planning for year long goals.

5.Speaking of year long goals, one thing I really want to work on this year is hospitality – being more hospitable. “The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” I love going out and seeing people – meeting friends for a meal, at the park, etc. However, usually I get home and look at everything I need to do. (There is always a huge list of things to do right. I don’t think it ever ends.) So I usually don’t feel like I have “done” enough on my to do list to invite someone over. I also am usually working at home or resting. I love being at home and being quiet – I love it! So, I’m not the best at inviting friends over and that’ s something I really want to work on in 2017. I’ve started trying more in December and we even invited some neighbors over for dinner tonight, and it was great.

6.Plan out our trips/adventures for this year.

7.Start Hamilton. I have this book on my dresser and I’m so excited to finally read it!

8.Working on planning and thinking about how we can give – what we can do this year. I have loved working with Heart’s Cry Children this fall and want to continue supporting their ministry and looking for other ways we can give also of our time this year.

9.One of my clients got me this frame and I loooooove it. I have an SD card with just Christmas photos in it right now and I want to switch it to a bunch of photos through the year.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted a paper planner again this year..I thought I could just get by with only online planning again, but I just couldn’t do it. I realized how much I loved writing in my planner and I’m excited to start using my new one!

What are your goals for 2017! Leave your link in the comments:)See more goals posts here.

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September Goals costcoP I N this to pinterest

September – the month it becomes fall. (yay!) So many great things about fall…but then I forgot about fantasty football drafts and ESPN – ha! Our house has been a little quiet all summer with sports, but it’s about to rev back up!

Goals for September.

1.Rest. One of the things I tend to do in the fall is go, go, go. I think it’s important for me this year to not take on too much work, read, and spend time with my babies, too. Fall just gets so exciting. I’m not the only one right? I just want to do all the things.

2.Plan out our fall calendar + fall activities. (because if I don’t I will end up saying yes to way too much!) Trying to figure out some fun fall trips? We absolutely loved Sky Top Orchard last year! (see our trip here)

3.Stick to our weekly library trips. It is hard to get to the library to return/check out books. (Even though it’s so super close!) My boys are such bookworms + have loved having stacks and stacks of books to pick from.

4.There’s a project I want to roll out for just my clients + I really want to get it started this month.

5.Finalize all our fall minis – yay!

6.Find some good paleo pumpkin recipes.

7.Finish Halloween costumes so we are all ready for Halloween Minis. (my boys change their minds every week!)

8.Fall DECOR!!!!! Time to decorate. And you know, Raleigh does have a Hobby Lobby now.

What are your goals for September? holden beach wilmington nc 34_3320P I N this to pinterest

Linking up with My So Called Chaos this month.

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A Mason Jar Salad Party

mason jar salad party 45_3306P I N this to pinterestSo a few weeks ago, I got invited to a Mason Jar Party. And now I am hooked. Lunch for a week in around 20 – 30 minutes? YES. When one of my BFFS invited me, I was seriously excited. Ok, so what is a Mason Jar Party? The host picks a recipe. (This was a recipe from last week – so yum! A salad with zoodles– yes!!!!) Then, she sends out an email with all the ingredients and everyone emails back with what they are going to bring. Sign up Genius would also be great for this, especially since it’s free.

Ours are planned for Monday mornings, which is perfect for having lunch ready for the week. (Sunday evening could also be a good time.) When everyone shows up, they put their ingredients on the kitchen table. Then, you just walk around and fill up your five mason jars (We are using this size+ I also ordered mine from amazon) one by one. Then, you’re done, you can leave + lunch is done for the week. The salads have been SO YUMMY too. Some of the recipes have cheese or grains, so I just leave that out of my jar. The first week someone made a salad dressing with the recipe. This past week there wasn’t one, so I just used my salad dressing at home. I have added some extra protein at lunch time, too. Also, I couldn’t make it last week, so my BFF Brooke took my jars + ingredients and I can sub for her, too. Win-win! These were so yummy, I had to stop myself from trying to eat them for dinner, too! Eeeek!

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Children Family Photographer featured in People Magazine and on several blogs including The Bump and Let the Kids Dress Themselves. Because we chat a lot about our personal lives on the blog, we may receive commissions on affiliate links in articles.



August 16th and I just sent Owen back to school yesterday- can hardly believe summer is already over. Summer really is my favorite. (I reallly realllly realllly do not like carpool. ha. ) It is going to be a challenge to continue to get up early and make real food breakfasts but it’s important to me so I gotta make it happen. I also spent a lot of time at Starbucks last year, I’ll admit it. So making coffee in the Vitamix takes a little bit more time, too.

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Favorites for August

I just love all these pretty flower ideas

Paint color ideas

Our favorite back to school books. (see here)

Eggs in the pressure cooker? You know I love, love, love, my instapot. Never even thought about it for eggs.

I tried pacifica nail polish this month – loooooved.

A few things I want to read/tackle this month:

I need to learn how to use instagram stories. I tried when making this video behind the scenes from a recent shoot with Ericka, but I gave up and just took a plain video. I’ve heard good things about this tutorial so I need to dive right in and learn alllll about it. I know everyone loves snapchat, but can I handle one more social media account?

Saving to read. Last year I pulled my IT band and it was such a bummer. Now that I’m trying to start running again..(but I’m going back and forth between running and swimming…)

These are super fun. Please no one have a session on the side of a cliff.

Since organic all beef hotdogs are whole30, these have inspired me to try a hotdog wrapped in bacon. Oh my.

So, what your favorite candy says about your personality.

Just for fun…

A session around this time last year – I have lovvved photographing this sweet little one’s first year and just got to see him at our Coastal Minis. 

A session in August two years ago – eeek! what a perfect session at Holden Beach!

Pretty stuff

Loving how long this shirt is (and inexpensive, too!) When I’m out shooting, I love wearing long shirts.

Totally crushing on these boots. This heat has me ready for fall!

Love these hair clips!

Also, as Ericka mentioned here, this necklace…it has the coordinates of Holden Beach. (You can find it here at Sugar Britches in Holden Beach.

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Rebecca Keller is a Raleigh Children Family Photographer featured in People Magazine and on several blogs including The Bump and Let the Kids Dress Themselves. Because we chat a lot about our personal lives on the blog, we may receive commissions on affiliate links in articles.




Goals for August | Day Trip to Wrightsville Beach

It’s back to school time around here. I cannot even believe it – it’s going to break my heart to send Owen back to school. I can honestly say I am not a fan of carpool – ha! I have loved the days we’ve had without a schedule, being able to take trips, etc. I will miss that sweet boy being around all day.

Goals for August:

1.Finish back to school shopping before the only thing for sell in 100 degree weather is long sleeves and sweaters in the stores. (Someone explain to me why sweaters are for sale so early)

2.Commit to my couch to 5 K. I have started running again and I really need to be dedicated so I can get up to a 5k again. I love the 10k trainer from Zen Labs. It’s free and works great for working up to running. I do need to work on my running playlist though. Since I didn’t run from March – June, I kind of slacked on adding new music.

3. I love, love, love, my Instant Pot. My favorite recipe I’ve made so far is Kalua Pig. I am not a slow cooker fan..I just never seem to get it together before lunch – ha! The pressure cooker is just right for me. Nom Nom Paleo also has some great facebook live videos you can watch on her facebook page which helped me with some of the recipes. I love being able to see it. And with the Kalua pig, I might be so lazy that I ask the butcher to go ahead and trim the fat and cut it in two. I also found some hawaiian sea salt at the Savory Spice Shop. So, this month I really want to find some more great pressure cooker recipes and focus on using it more. It’s just so easy.

4. Continue our kindness project with the kiddos – focusing on one way we can be kind each week.

Books I want to read this month.
The Mason Jar Cookbooklooks really interesting.

The Bulletproof Diet– just wondering how it’s different than whole30 after reading reviews on Amazon. It seemed to have a lot of good ideas about why you should be eating more good fat.

I’m currently reading The Magnesium Miracle + I love it, so I want to finish it this month.

Other Books I want to read:
My Life in Franceby Julia Child

Lab Girl(didn’t get around to last month. So many great newborn sessions, I spent most of my free time editing)

A Walk in the Woods

I’ve also started Everyone Brave is Forgivenso I’ll be tackling that this month, too. Oh, I love, love, love books.

(See what I read last month here)

I need to share my refrigerator progress. I loved the organizersI got and will be sharing more soon. (I buy 24 packs of organic eggs from Costco + love being able to stack them!

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Rebecca Keller is an NC Raleigh family photographer featured in People Magazine who spends her time sipping iced coffee, chasing after her two little ones, reading, running, and editing. Because we chat a lot about our personal lives on the blog, we may receive commissions on affiliate links in articles. Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Holden Beach and Raleigh family photography.