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Go Ape Raleigh NC

July Goals

July does stress me out a little because it’s like saying, one whole month of summer is done and before you know it, school will be back. We have been trying to soak up as much summer as we can, amidst working and editing, etc. We are starting out the first week of July at the beach which of course, screams summer! One other summer adventure we went on was to Go Ape at Blu Jay Point. If you read my post yesterday, you’d know Owen has been loving ropes courses. Go Ape is great because it’s in the trees, it’s cool, the instructors are very helpful, and I didn’t feel like it was crazy high up in the air. We made reservations over the phone because it didn’t give me the option not to pay as an adult on their website. (If you observe from the ground, you don’t have to pay) Harrison said absolutely not was he doing it, so he hung out with me. (He could have done it if I did it with him) The boys had so much fun, working on all the challenges and going on the zipline and were just nonstop the whole time. And the image I got when Owen stopped to smile at me, be still my Mama heart. I had him wear a hat (because, ticks) and put on lots of sunscreen. You have to wear closed toes shoes, and of course, we all brought our water bottles. It was really fun – Owen loved it so much + we will definitely be back.

Go Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4660P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4661P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4662P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4663P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4664P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4665P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4666P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4667P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4668P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4669P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4670P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4671P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4672P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4673P I N this to pinterestGo Ape Raleigh NC 343 Blu Jay Point 45_4674P I N this to pinterest

July Goals

  1. Plan out what I want to do with the kids the rest of summer since it’s 1/2 way through.
  2. Finish planning NJ/NYC trip with a friend. Read historical fiction books about NY.
  3. Eat cookie dough here while in NYC.
  4. Take the kids to the Tobacco Campus for an evening picnic
  5. Take the kids to Beaches-n-Cream for some Krispy Kreme Ice Cream
  6. Check out the ropes course at the Shallotte Swamp Park.

A Few Favorites from May

Baby Photographer Raleigh

baby photographer Raleigh 34P I N this to pinterest

Harrison’s first swim – throwback to 2014. He is absolutely thrilled.

So excited that it is now summer! Having both of my boys around makes me so so happy. And they are happy and content to entertain each other and play together which is an added bonus. Harrison is still not a big fan of water. At the beach Memorial Day weekend, he thought it was hilarious if me + him ran to the water, put our toes in, and nothing else. Anything more than that we would reach panic level. The first step of the pool with his puddle jumper + his boat is his happy place. I was totally this kid (can fear of water be genetic?) so I can relate to his feelings when it comes to water. My earliest memories of the beach jumping in the waves with my Grandma Dot (yes, her name was Dorothy, nickname Dot. love her name) and my great aunt Peggy, I was just terrified but I managed to do it. I remember both of them wearing t shirts so I could wipe the salt water out of my eyes when the waves hit me. I’m sure my mom can verify that I spent a lot of my younger years screaming when it came to water. (We flew to Florida one year and I screamed when the plane went over water. My mom said I also went into full panic screaming on It’s a Small World) Most kids probably have memories of swim lessons right. I have so many memories of swim lessons because I probably had them every year until I was 12 or 13. Ok, maybe not that old, but it took me a long time to swim..and I grew up with a pool in the backyard. All this to say, I can relate to little H man and his fear of the water, and I know one day eventually he will learn to swim. I have thought about trying this place for him, because wow, their facebook feed is just amazing of all these little ones swimming but we would have to get him in the water first!

A few of my favorites lately:

Scrub Daddy /Scrub Mommy. These were Shark Tank’s biggest success (see here) And man, I can see why because I loooooooovvveee these. You can even put them in the dishwasher – not even kidding.

Sassool I am their number one fan. I am sure when they see me, they are like again? I didn’t feel so bad after I read some yelp reviews that said they eat there every single day. ha! The best part is you can buy extra in plastic containers and eat the next day. I might do this. alot. My favorites right now are the roasted veggies, the mediterranean chicken salad (SO YUM) and the sweet potato salad. (I am not a raisin fan so I just move those to the side) The hummus is also so yum. You can also order using the EAT24 Yelp app to order ahead which I do a lot because if I’m going to be there right in the middle of lunch/dinner time, it’s better than waiting in line since all of Raleigh is also there.They also have a discount plan – with every 100.00 I think, you get 10.00 off. They also open at 10 AM, FYI. yes I HAVE BEEN THERE that early.hahahahahahahahahaha.

My other favorite meals lately.

  • City Barbeque. This place is awesome + so allergy friendly. It also helps that is is super close to our house. (In the Sprouts shopping center that does not have enough parking. Another place that even if you are eating in, just order on the app during busy time. You will get your food faster than waiting in line -ha!)
  • Smashburger. Have you tried the veggie frites? Seriously so yum. I like to get a lettuce wrapped burger with avocado + mustard.

Summer Rules. I found some fun summer rules + changed them a little bit, but Owen has actually loved them. (He finished school last week) A list of ideas of things for him to do before he can have any technology time. (Read a book to his brother, play make believe, thank Jesus for something) There are lots of fun lists on Pinterest.Which reminds me, we need to head to the library today (another fave) to stock up on books for him. With more free time, he is reading, reading, reading. His current faves are Magic Bone, Captain Underpants, (seeing the movie tomorrow- anyone seen it? What did you think) The Unofficial Minecrafters Academy Series , and he just read all of the Big Nate books  and loved those. I feel like finding books boys are interested in can be a little bit trickier…and of course they have to be about silly things like underpants – ha!

Sunscreen. Ok this is such a tricky one. With my boys’ eczema (Owen’s is worse than Harrison’s) sunscreen is the number one trigger for them so I am always a little apprehensive trying new sunscreen… this  worked awesome for them at the beach last week. If anyone else’s little ones has this problem with sunscreen and has tried anything else, please let me know. I also, love, love, love, this sunscreen stick– so much easier and quick for the face, especially with baseball season. (How have I missed these for so long!!)

I just finished reading A Long Way Home, and I sobbed so much. Loved this story + then I had to watch the movie (you can watch on Amazon Prime) afterwards. movie  is great, but the book added so much. Best part of the movie is seeing the mothers meet in the end. More tears and more tears.

Sally Clarkson podcast. I have a little speaker I carry around the house – ha, and turn on when I’m folding laundry or doing the dishes. I looooove listening to Sally Clarkson – so encouraging for Mamas  + her books are great, too.

Teach Me Store. They have so many fun educational summer activities for kids.

Still one of my absolute favorites is my Kindle . I thought it officially died on me the other day and I was so bummed. I love being able to download and read whatever whenever. I have the cheaper one “with offers” which basically means they put an ad on the home screen – doesn’t bother me at all.

Baseball. It has been baseball season around here, and we were lucky to find a league where the boys could play one right after the other. This was Harrison’s first sport, and he was the one that asked to play. Both of them really loved it, and they were the cutest little baseball players EVA. Sunset slush + 90 degrees every week! Having a chair like this onewas a must!

raleigh baseball photographer 456_4361P I N this to pinterestraleigh baseball photographer 456_4362P I N this to pinterestraleigh baseball photographer 456_4363P I N this to pinterestraleigh baseball photographer 456_4364P I N this to pinterestraleigh baseball photographer 456_4365P I N this to pinterestraleigh baseball photographer 456_4366P I N this to pinterestraleigh baseball photographer 456_4367P I N this to pinterestraleigh baseball photographer 456_4368raleigh baseball photographer 456_4369P I N this to pinterestraleigh baseball photographer 456_4370P I N this to pinterestraleigh baseball photographer 456_4371P I N this to pinterest

Strawberry Margarita Nail Polish. I have been loving this color for weeks. I totally google nail trends when I’m picking out nail polish and I really couldn’t go with the pale colors.

Harrison’s favorites right now can pretty much be summed up by Lightning McQueen (he carries this duplo  version everywhere…I have to remember to have him leave it in the car when we go places so he doesn’t lose it.) and his first love of Thomas. His current favorite books are If You Give a Dog a Donut+ Goodnight Baseball. (both baseball books)

It’s a rainy day around here – time for some editing + getting work done! It’s about to get real busy around here with Owen’s birthday around the corner + this year we are celebrating Harrison’s 1/2 birthday. (finally a party for our Christmas birthday! And Cars3 movie for a win!)

Some of my recommendations are amazon affiliate links + also make it super easy for you to find them.

Just for fun..

A session around this time last year – Oh my, that dreamy nursery + her sweet puppies.

A session two years ago – the cuteness of these sweet sisters at the Rose Garden!

Photo below from our Mommy + Me Minis this month styled by Little Apple Styles. I have just started blogging them but you can see more here.

baby photographer Raleigh 34P I N this to pinterest

As Seen in People Magazine + The Bump

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June Goals

Newborn Photographer Raleigh

This is a month of celebrating, which has been going along with what I’ve been reading in The Lifegiving Home. I love, love, love this book, and the workbookis a must and so awesome, too. Both have so many ideas for your home + May + June are about celebrating and playing, so very applicable since this month includes Owen’s birthday, Michael’s birthday, we are FINALLLY throwing a 1/2 birthday party for Harrison (his birthday is December 25) and then Father’s Day. So much going on!

Goals for June

  1. Organize and plan days with Owen’s cousins to celebrate his birthday.
  2. Find out about the ropes course at the Greensboro Science Center. Their ropes course looks absolutely amazing – like Peter Pan and Owen would love to spend a day there I’m sure. He’s a ropes course pro.
  3. Finish planning Harrison’s first birthday party ever – his 1/2 birthday party to see Cars3. (I love air conditioned parties in the summer – ha!)
  4. Come up with a good Father’s Day Surprise
  5. Finish Reading Beartown
  6. Look into the Winston Graham Poldark Series Books
  7. Blog the rest of our NYC Central park pictures.
  8. Catch up on Bloggingnewborn photographer raleigh 453P I N this to pinterest                                                                 As Seen in People Magazine + The Bump  

Hello, 2017!

Raleigh Newborn Maternity Photography

raleigh newborn maternity photography 3672P I N this to pinterest

Yay for 2017! We celebrated the New Year at home watching movies + eating yummy food. Ever since I was pregnant with Harrison, I have a hard time staying awake after 8 PM – ha! I managed to get pretty close to midnight but didn’t quite make it. There were lots of fireworks going on in our neighborhood so that woke me up around time to celebrate:)

So, one of my big goals for January, my BLOG! Every year I think, oh, this fall won’t be as busy. I won’t work as much and somehow it just gets sooo busy. In order to get clients images to them quickly, I just focus on mostly editing + shooting during the crazy fall. I reallly love blogging and sharing sessions so a huge goal of mine for this month is to get back to blogging and sharing sessions. And I have so many great books to share. I think I read an insane amount of books in August/September and then fall craziness set in so the number of books read went down to barely nothing! The holiday break has been nice and a chance to read a little bit. I did have three sessions after Christmas so not a crazy amount of time. Looking forward to getting back to blogging!

Goals for January

1.Catch up on my blog (See above!)

2.Read up on 100 Days of Real Foodfor some more recipe ideas. Also, you know how much I love my Instant Pot   (you can sometimes get one cheaper when they are Amazon’s deal of the day) & I’m super excited to check out this new book, Paleo Cooking With Your Instant Pot. It can be overwhelming sometimes how many cookbooks I want to read. If I only had the time!

3.Get back to my Mason Jar Salad Group. I missed out on a few weeks with being so busy with sessions at the end of December. I love, love, love having salads during the week. Start one with your neighbors (more here)

4.Finish working on my powersheets + goal planning for year long goals.

5.Speaking of year long goals, one thing I really want to work on this year is hospitality – being more hospitable. “The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.” I love going out and seeing people – meeting friends for a meal, at the park, etc. However, usually I get home and look at everything I need to do. (There is always a huge list of things to do right. I don’t think it ever ends.) So I usually don’t feel like I have “done” enough on my to do list to invite someone over. I also am usually working at home or resting. I love being at home and being quiet – I love it! So, I’m not the best at inviting friends over and that’ s something I really want to work on in 2017. I’ve started trying more in December and we even invited some neighbors over for dinner tonight, and it was great.

6.Plan out our trips/adventures for this year.

7.Start Hamilton. I have this book on my dresser and I’m so excited to finally read it!

8.Working on planning and thinking about how we can give – what we can do this year. I have loved working with Heart’s Cry Children this fall and want to continue supporting their ministry and looking for other ways we can give also of our time this year.

9.One of my clients got me this frame and I loooooove it. I have an SD card with just Christmas photos in it right now and I want to switch it to a bunch of photos through the year.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted a paper planner again this year..I thought I could just get by with only online planning again, but I just couldn’t do it. I realized how much I loved writing in my planner and I’m excited to start using my new one!

What are your goals for 2017! Leave your link in the comments:)See more goals posts here.

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September Goals costcoP I N this to pinterest

September – the month it becomes fall. (yay!) So many great things about fall…but then I forgot about fantasty football drafts and ESPN – ha! Our house has been a little quiet all summer with sports, but it’s about to rev back up!

Goals for September.

1.Rest. One of the things I tend to do in the fall is go, go, go. I think it’s important for me this year to not take on too much work, read, and spend time with my babies, too. Fall just gets so exciting. I’m not the only one right? I just want to do all the things.

2.Plan out our fall calendar + fall activities. (because if I don’t I will end up saying yes to way too much!) Trying to figure out some fun fall trips? We absolutely loved Sky Top Orchard last year! (see our trip here)

3.Stick to our weekly library trips. It is hard to get to the library to return/check out books. (Even though it’s so super close!) My boys are such bookworms + have loved having stacks and stacks of books to pick from.

4.There’s a project I want to roll out for just my clients + I really want to get it started this month.

5.Finalize all our fall minis – yay!

6.Find some good paleo pumpkin recipes.

7.Finish Halloween costumes so we are all ready for Halloween Minis. (my boys change their minds every week!)

8.Fall DECOR!!!!! Time to decorate. And you know, Raleigh does have a Hobby Lobby now.

What are your goals for September? holden beach wilmington nc 34_3320P I N this to pinterest

Linking up with My So Called Chaos this month.

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