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I can’t believe it’s already April! Wow! March just flew by.

Looking at my goals for March:

*Pullen Park was pretty much amazing. I loved it. Owen loved it. It was awesome. He was so excited about the choo choo. He wasn’t quite so sure about the carousel, but the boats were a big hit! We ended the trip with a locopop. I had never had one before, and I highly recommend the strawberry – delicious!

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*The Jillian Michaels dvd goal went pretty well. Man, those are tough.

*Taxes have been dropped off and filed! Woo-hoo!

*Okay, I am still working on the images I want to print and display. I have a few great ideas that I love from Pinterest that is on my to do list once again for this month.

Goals for April:

*Make some fun food for Owen.

*Try to have more craft days. I need to be organized and plan and prepare more projects. Owen just loves painting and really enjoys sitting on the porch in the afternoon and painting or working on crafts.

*Be more encouraging. Find some ways to encourage others around me.

*Clean up the garden and plant some pretty flowers (after April 11th)

What are your goals for April?




Looking at my February goals:

*Making Valentine’s for the grandparents was super fun. Owen was really thinking about each one as he made them. I love his little thinking face.

*Everyday Moments. Oh, I have loved this one! I think this should be a year round goal. Not just for Owen but during my sessions. I LOVE everyday moments. Here are a few sessions of Owen this month that were just everyday.

A Great Leap

Cabin Fever

This One’s For the Grandparents – this one has some portraits, too. I just love him on the swings!

Sweet Shot Tuesday

*Take more pictures with me in them. This month I had a whole session of just Owen and I. I still haven’t finished editing and posting them yet simply because I feel like I should be editing my client’s pictures first. Here is just one fun shot from the session. I have loved aviators forever.

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  *Still haven’t decided on if I want all of the forms/contracts online. I am still thinking about this one.

  *Yes – I still need to organize the home office. I need to plan a trip to IKEA this month so I’m sure that will help.

  *Cook 3 – 4 times a week. Wow – this has been really fun. Some favorite recipes from this month include

   Crockpot Bbq Beer Chicken – This takes five minutes to make and I love Sweet Baby Ray’s!

   Brown Butter Parmesan Chicken Linguine – I made this twice in one week. Seriously – that good!

   Sausage Crepes – I love crepes! We made these a few times!

   Can you tell I love the blog, How Sweet It is? (Two out of the three recipes are from this blog) There are so many on her blog that I haven’t tried yet. The Greek Yogurt Pancakes look awesome!

My goals for February went well -I still need to work on organizing my home office!

Goals for March:

*Take Owen to Pullen Park to ride the carousel

*Attempt some Jillian Michaels dvds- at least once or twice a week

*Drop off all information to my CPA for 2011 taxes.

*Print more pictures and display them in our house. I really want a 20 x 30 Mpix canvas but that may have to wait a month or two. It’s a big decision, too, so I’m going to have to figure out which picture to print.

*Organize my closet.

 *Try one new recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

Okay, now it’s time to think of a fun St. Patrick’s Day craft for this month!



Looking at my goals for 2012:

*So far I have completed each week of the 52 week project. (yay!) See each week here.

*Organizing – January’s goal was to organize my office. That is still a work in progress – but the hall closet downstairs (which is huge since we don’t have a pantry in our kitchen) was organized this month

*Working on a teaching project with Owen – our next project is going to be numbers! So excited!

*Going to the gym 4-5 days a week. This is going well – except I should I should have made the goal to exercise – not just go to the gym. I love running outside – pushing Owen and the BOB up big hills!

I am happy with most of my January goals – I didn’t finish all of them but I made a lot of progress and there are still a few things I would like to put on my goals for February.

So – here they are!

Goals for February:

*Make homemade Valentines with Owen and send to each of the grandparents/great grandparents.

*Try to capture more everyday moments. I like posed pictures with backgrounds but I also love everyday lifestyle pictures, and I want to take more of those.

P I N this to pinterest

  I love this simple everyday moment on the playground.

  * Take more pictures with me in them. That is tough for me since I am always taking the pictures. I need to use my self timer more. I am not going to get perfect focus, but at least I will have some more pictures with my sweet boy.

  * Continue to work on getting all of my contracts and forms online.

  * Continue to work on organizing the home office:)

  * Cook 3 – 4 times a week. I have really been trying to be diligent about meal planning so we can eat out less. My friend Mary has been helping me with recipes, ideas, and suggestions. Now, homemade snickers bars don’t qualify as dinner, but they were delicious. The recipe can be found here.

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I really liked having goals for December. It’s great motivation to get things done – Having goals really helps you get a lot more accomplished.

Looking at my goals for December:

* Make Reindeer ornaments with Owen for each of the grandparents. These turned out great. Owen made one for both sets of great grandparents,too. We made so many that he had it down pat by the last one.

* Finish Christmas shopping, of course! A few presents may have been purchased on Christmas Eve but Christmas shopping was completed!

* Have a few Casting Calls for free sessions! (Check my facebook page for updates!)  I still may have a few more Casting Calls in January/February in case you missed the December ones!

raleigh-maternity-photographerP I N this to pinterestThis picture is from a Casting Call! Look for more information soon about Maternity Mini Packages!

* Organize the Butler’s Pantry Not only did I organize the Butler’s Pantry but I was motivated to clean the playroom closet too.

* Start a colors project – teach one color each week (with a holiday break) with crafts, painting, etc   7 weeks of colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.  Then we’ll start a different project. The colors project has been really fun so far! Owen is recognizing and saying red and blue!

P I N this to pinterestOn the day we studied Red – we made these Santa Hat Brownie Bites! They were so delicious. I saw a picture of them on Pinterest.Here is a link to the recipe on There are a lot of great recipes on that blog! The Nutella filled doughnuts look awesome!

* Read a good non-fiction book.  With all of the busyness with the holidays – I did not read a non-fiction book this month:(I have ordered one from Amazon that I’d really like to read about my Speedlite 580II so I am hoping to take the time to finish it this month.

* Make Christmas Cookies! Owen absolutely loved the cookies! It was a lot of fun and we could also talk about colors while decorating the cookies with different colored sprinkles.

* Finish and organize all my bookkeeping for the year. Finished!

* Create a workflow board for my home office. I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish this one. While shopping this week, I found some great dry erase boards and the workflow board is finished!


Goals for 2012:

*Start a 52 week project (and do my absolute best to finish it!)

*Organize, Organize, Organize more (Thank you Pinterest for a lot of great ideas) I want to pick one organization project a month.

*Go to the gym 4-5 days a week – running, yoga, and spinning.

*Continue to pick out a teaching project to work on with Owen


Goals for January:

*Read a non-fiction book! I love reading and I really need to make it a priority. I learn so much from books!

*Take a picture every day in January. This is a tough one! So far I have taken a picture every day!

*Continue to work on the Colors Project with Owen

*Start/Finish a few photography projects by February

*Order a few more Newborn Backgrounds for upcoming sessions. There are going to be a lot of newborns in the spring! So excited!

*Post to the blog at least twice a week

*Organize my home office

*Get all of my contracts/forms/information online.

*Read Genesis – Deuteronomy.

Excited about 2012! Happy New Year!