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This fall, and wow this year has just flown by. I know I’m going to blink and it’s going to be January – just can’t believe it! I usually try to post goals closer to the beginning of the month but things have been super busy around here lately!

Goals for November

* Of course, goal number one is to get caught up on blogging and editing – so much to blog/edit. Just so thankful for all of the sweet families I’ve met and photographed in 2013.

* I will be hosting two (yes, two!) contests in the next few months so make sure you’re getting my facebook/blog updates! So super excited about both of these and I hope to get both of them done before our little one arrives

* Not a goal for this month, but just wanted to announce that we have picked a name – Harrison Graham. Not too long before he will be here!

* Plan out my Christmas craft bucket list for Owen. Since I won’t be shooting much after the next week, we should have plenty of time for crafts around the house. I’m already so ready to get the tree out!

* Take Owen to find a really great leaf pile for jumping before they are all gone!

* Get Christmas cards ready – really hoping to send out a Christmas card this year.

Okay, back to editing, and maybe another blog post soon!

A little update on the Fall Bucket List.. We have definitely been in full fall mode over here. Owen even brought little fall crafts along for the trip to Charleston. (Michael was so sweet helping him decorate felt pumpkins) We’ve picked up a little pumpkin at the grocery store – it’s just too cute, but we have yet to get our big pumpkin yet. One tradition we started last year was going apple picking. What a sweet time we had – he was just so happy with his little basket looking for apples in the trees. Probably the best part is the apple treats at the end – apple slushies, apple cake, and well, apples. (The apple cake was AMAZING!)

A Few Goals for October to continue the Fall Bucket List:

* Make Caramel Apples (with sprinkles! Another tradition of ours)

* Take a trip to Hill Ridge Farms to pick out our pumpkin

* Finalize Owen’s Halloween costume. (He changes his mind every week! Sabrina from Neverland Nook and Allison from ALM Designs are working on a super cute idea for him that he will love!)

* Plan out our Christmas card before things get too hectic!

* Try to get as much done as possible with organizing the nursery before I get too big and miserable

* Print our album for the first part of 2013 and blog some of the ways I organize, print, display our photos

* Try to stay current on blogging. (I have so many sessions yet to blog. I will be blogging like crazy the next month!)

Okay so I have a lot of goals for this month. I also need to get Owen signed up for the big brother class at Rex..I’m going to cry just thinking about it. And now, to eat more salad because that has been my biggest pregnancy craving so far.

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Contact Rebecca Keller Photography for more information about Candid Raleigh Kids Photography.

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It’s been a long time since my last goals post – such a busy summer and I’m so sad to see it go! We spent so much time at the pool, the beach, and the doctor trying to get mr. man’s skin under control. It was amazing that the pool was what helped his eczema the most. After seeing a dermatologist and a new allergist and with full allergy testing last week, we now know that he has no allergies. I honestly couldn’t believe it. His allergist is awesome and said that the allergies would definitely show up at 3 so now we know that it is not an allergy. The dermatologist has been awesome and we’ve seen the biggest improvement after seeing her.  So thankful that little man’s skin has been better and I know he is too!

I’ve been trying to document this pregnancy so as you can see in this post, I’ve shared a few. The first two my mom took for me (thank you!) in her backyard and the next one I used the camera timer which really feels like a miracle if you get one in focus using the timer! We spent this past weekend at the beach with friends who snapped a few for us so I’m excited to see those, too. We got to see little brother this week and he was just rocking and rolling in there – she was having a hard time trying to get his heart but he finally calmed down for a few minutes. Can’t wait to meet him and see his little personality and what a good big brother Owen will be. (Ok, I’m going to start crying here.)  I am sooo excited about this baby. I need to block facebook at night because I look at way too many newborn hats and ready to ship sales. They just pop up everywhere on my newsfeed and I just have to look at all the sweet baby stuff.

I am really sad to see summer go. I felt like it went by sooo quickly which really did help since I haven’t felt all that great so far during this pregnancy. Getting out and working always seems to help me feel better so THANK YOU to everyone who kept me busy this summer. I will say, I am definitely looking forward to cooler temperatures, fall, and pumpkins. I may have already had a pumpkin spice latte.

Owen went to his first day of preschool today (sniff, sniff) I will miss him these mornings but I know he is going to have so much fun! He has the sweetest teachers and it sounds like they have so many fun things planned! (I will be sharing a few photos soon of his Meet the Teacher Day)

Okay, goals for September:

1.Finish Back to School Shopping for Owen – he has worn sandals all summer so I need to find some sneakers…and he has to pack a back up pair at school too.

2.Start planning Holiday Mini Sessions. This year I will be offering one day of Free Holiday Mini Sessions (One free image per child – additional images can be purchased.) when you book a 2014 family session. If you have already booked a 2014 family session, you have a spot! These are the only mini sessions I will be offering. All fall weekend dates have been booked for 2013.  I only have two newborn spots available and a limited number of weekdays available.

3. I have so much work to do on going through Owen’s clothes, toys, etc to get ready for this baby. I need to figure out if our car seat has expired, look into a double stroller, and try to figure out where everything has been stored (the swing, exersaucer, etc) I have forgotten how much baby stuff there is. Any recommendations are welcome!

Okay, off to finish editing Back to School Mini Sessions this week and I have a fun session planned tonight! Looking forward to all of the sessions in the next few weeks.


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It’s birthday season for us. My niece Caroline and I both have birthdays in May. (did they have fun decorating that cake or what?) Um, and that cake from the Purple Onion was awesome. The sprinkles were pretty tasty too. It was so great to be with family on Memorial Day and I know Owen had a blast with his cousins.

Goals for June:

Finish up Owen’s birthday presents and Father’s Day gifts….and the last minute details of Owen’s birthday party.

Only a few more portrait projects to finish around the house and work on a blog post showing some ideas for decorating with photos. (Cannot WAIT to get our 30 x 40 canvas in the mail..should be here soon)

Check out the food truck rodeo in Raleigh

If you’re thinking of a Coastal session, there are only a few spots for July & September (Contact me for more information) Also, family sessions are 30% off until 09/01/2013 so if you are thinking of booking a family/newborn session in the fall, contact me for more information.

So, a little update on April – April was a big month for me. Usually, when I hit 20 minutes of running, I pretty much can’t breathe any more and stop. Not this month. I’ve more than doubled my running time and I just keep going.

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Still not sure what happened but I love my 10k Trainer Pro Zen Labs app and using Spotify premium has really helped me. I enjoy running a lot more and every once in a while I have a day that I can’t breathe and want to stop. Yes, I’m still shocked. I’m not sure how far I want to run. For now, I’m just going to keep going.

Goals for May:

Make a Summer Bucket List

Take time to really enjoy family time/my birthday this month and finish planning all of our family birthday events for the next two months.

Journal More/Read another one of the books I got while at the beach.

Plan lots of fun 3rd birthday activities to make Owen’s 3rd birthday super special. Last year was so much fun and I can’t believe how much he’s grown in a year!

Continually work on cleaning out clutter/donating/getting rid of things that are just sitting in the house.

Keep running.

Print, share, and display our family photos. (yay!)

To see more of my 2013 goals, click here.


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