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Eek, it’s 2015! I cannot even believe it! (And you know, the baby just turned one, and I’m still boohooing over that!) I know I haven’t blogged my monthly goals in a while but it’s definitely one of my goals for 2015.  Coming up with goals for each month definitely helps me with staying on track and figuring out what to focus on. One goal that we’ve definitely been working on over here is cleaning and organizing and we’ve been switching some rooms around. Does anyone else get this feeling the day after Christmas that they need to clean/organize/change the whole house? My husband has been working so hard during his vacation time to complete so many projects around here. He’s outside in the garage right now looking at my prop collection…hahaha.

Goals for January

*One thing I’d really love to do this month is finish up blogging 2014. So many sweet family sessions are in the queue to be blogged, and I can’t wait to finish all of them!

*Send out all information for the 2014 Image of the Year Competition coming up soon. If you are a 2014 client and want to win a free 2015 session, make sure you’re signed up on the e-mail list for more info. (Click on the e-mail sign up tab on my facebook page here) There’s also a client event coming soon for 2015 clients! (February 2nd & 7th – for all clients who have booked a 2015 session by 01/15/2015)

*Edit little Harrison’s one year portraits. I try to stay on top of editing my personal images, but as your can imagine, it’s the busiest time of year for a birthday. Sweet little guy has been getting his one year molars and has had a tough time the past few weeks. Even Christmas Eve I got a lot of extra snuggles while little one was just not too happy about the teeth.

*It can’t be January without a running/eating right goal, right? I’d really like to keep working up to running 4 miles again. The fall came and I’ve just been stuck at around 2.25 miles. It’s also just so much harder to run indoors. Since Harrison has been born, I’ve mostly been running indoors because the thought of pushing both of them while running…I don’t know if I would make it!

What are your goals for January 2015?

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It’s the first day of October (Can you believe it?!) We will be celebrating with pumpkin muffins this morning. That has been my word lately..celebrate. I’ve been trying to find more ways to celebrate the little things (like the last day of summer with an ice cream cone and the first day of fall with a picnic  – Our awesome picnic treats were made by Sugar Euphoria)

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Last day of Summer Ice Cream Cone

I got a chalkboard for Owen’s room and I’ve been using a chalk marker to make a calendar for the month and week. I did not know chalk markers existed until this calendar. They are awesome! Soooo much easier than using chalk! And, wow, Owen has loveeed having a calendar. We’ve counted down days, and it has helped him really see the days of the week. Having a calendar of our month has made planning our little ways to celebrate our days so much more fun. And now if I forget what day it is, he totally reminds me. We’ve been celebrating more this month – stopping for a sno cone, exploring new places and going on more nature walks. Owen calls them “our adventures” and when we change the calendar, he gets so excited about coming up with new ideas. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about planning experiences, “adventures,” and less time on stuff.  I will admit October is a difficult time for me because it is my busiest but even if we get outside for a little bit everyday, that will make me happy. Owen has started playing flag football this fall, and that is an adventure all in itself – so much fun to watch him play each Saturday morning after my sessions.

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Our Fall Picnic

Goals for October

* Bake a pumpkin pie

* Accomplish our annual trip to Hill Ridge Farms

* Finalize outfits for our own family photos at the end of the month.

* I’ll be in major editing mode this month (along with all the sessions) so definitely my goal, as always, to get galleries out as quickly as possible

* Say thank you more – find little ways to say thank you this month

What are your goals this month or ways you plan to celebrate October?


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Who doesn’t love yoga on the beach, right?

So I have not posted a goals post in such a long time. Wow – the first year is just such a busy time and I’m loving every minute. Harrison is such a blessing to our family – such a little dream come true. One thing that has been so special over the last year is watching these two become best friends. This month has been the sweetest..watching them interact together. They even found a toy they both loved playing with which I think made Owen’s whole year. (“We can play together, Mom!”)  We had such a great time at the beach Labor Day Weekend and was also the last Coastal Session which made me so super sad. I hate saying goodbye to summer – it’s so my favorite and just seems way too short. While we were there, Owen and I decided to add to his shell collection so we could make some crafts when we got back from the beach so a few days, we got up early in the morning in our pjs and headed to the beach to shell hunt. Just had to add a few photos of the cuteness of these two together.

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Goals for September:

*Research and make some crafts with our seashell collection from the beach

*Plan our annual apple picking trip. (Can’t believe it’s already that time and Harrison gets to come this year – yay!)

*Find some good non-fictions books to read at the library. We loooooove the library and I’d love to find some good non-fiction books for Owen to read since he’s been really interesting in learning more facts lately. (You can see him reading the 3D sharks book above. I now know sooo much more about sharks – eek!)

*Try to finish picking out our wardrobe for our family session next month

*Get all of the dates finalized and released for the Free Holiday Mini Sessions. (10 Minutes, one free image per child, free when booking a 2015 session)

*Come up with a few new lunch ideas for Owen

What are your goals for September?



It may have been a little quieter the past few weeks..I feel like things are just starting to settle down with our little guy. The first few weeks with a newborn are really busy. We have been able to get out and take walks with the nice weather; I am REALLY looking forward to spring. We don’t have a great outdoor double stroller – looks like I will be investing in one. (So if you know anyone selling a double Bob or awesome outside double stroller let me know.) Owen has really enjoyed the walks, too.  He keeps reminding us about how much he loves summer when “his hands and feet are hot and not cold like with snow.” He likes the snow for about ten minutes and then goes back to talking about summer. It makes me want to sing, “It’s Summer,” from Frozen everytime he brings it up.

So now that things have settled down now it’s time for me to focus on the postpartum weight loss. Yay! Fun! I’m over halfway to losing the baby weight but still have a long way to go. So my goals for the next few months may be more about working out. The whole stage of I’m not pregnant anymore but I can’t wear my favorite jeans is just not fun.

Goals for March:

Finish the four weeks of the Super Shred Diet… I’m on day 6. I’ll let you know my before and after results when I finish and what I think. The smoothie with chocolate chips has definitely been my fave.(and the fact that I can have two cups of coffee – woo hoo!) I haven’t been posting a lot of about it on facebook but I’ll be updating my progress on instagram – you can follow me here. I have several people ask me questions about it and like with any diet and exercise program, check with your dr. to see if it would work for you. The diet does recommend working out for around 40 minutes each day which leads to goal 2….

Complete Alpha of T25. I’m on day 6 and I will admit this is tough.  I am mostly doing the modifications because also I don’t want to overdo it just starting out exercise again.

Write things down..Ok, I know this sounds funny but I seriously need to write things down more. Does anyone else feel like this? Like, I’ll think of something I need to do or some great idea let’s say around 10 am…By 3 PM I’m like what was that idea I was thinking of that I needed to write down. It’s all a big hazy cloud and I can’t remember. Some of this probably has something to do with the fact that Mr. H is still not sleeping through the night. (Both of us totally need this t-shirt)

Learn more about Google +. Definitely loved looking through everyone I’m following this week. Just need to make sure I have my profiles up and running like they should be. You can follow me here and here.

And last goal for the month is to order Harrison’s newborn album. I usually order an album every six months but I really want a book of his hospital photos and first weeks at home.

Oh, and this month’s theme for my blog circle is Something you love….just love this little guy. Click here to view Squamish Family Lifestyle Photography Haley Lorraine Photography’s take on this month’s theme.


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I completely missed my December goals this month with so much going on, The Holiday Mini Sessions, finishing up editing, and still trying to figure out what I might need for this new baby. I haven’t really even thought about it until the last few weeks – probably the whole nesting thing. The past few weeks I’ve been struggling with contractions off and on which I had a lot of during my first pregnancy so I haven’t been able to really nest like I want to. At least most of the baby clothes are washed and hanging up in the nursery! The next few weeks, this Christmas season, will probably be a lot quieter than most years…definitely a little more quiet than last year. I can’t keep working non stop like I usually do, no more traveling out of Raleigh, and so more time to spend with this little guy. I can’t believe he will be a big brother so soon. There are a lot of goals I thought about this month – so many things for 2014 also, but then I decided, really just spending time with him was enough. It’s about to get crazy around here and he’s probably going to be a little overwhelmed. The big brother class at Rex was just too cute and he such was a serious listener. I’m just so thankful for him everyday, I love his sweet little three year old heart. Even though he knows their official name, he calls doughnuts. “The brown things with the holes in the middle.” Just love all the sweet little things he says. So for December…for the next few weeks, I’m just going to focus on our little holidays, traditions, and I’ll definitely finish up the last few business things before 2014. I will still be blogging – so much more to share from this fall..and don’t forget, there will be a big contest in 2014 for a free session. So if you booked a session in 2013, make sure you’ve signed up for the newsletter so you will be the first to find out when the details are announced.

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