This week’s theme – I dreamed a dream.

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   Michael’s wedding gift – all of the prayers I prayed for him before I met him.

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A snapshot while in Morocco in 2004.

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  A journal filled with pictures, quotes, thoughts, dreams, and prayers.

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Here is one from today – isn’t she just beautiful?!?

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A favorite image from this week.

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   There are so many that I love from this session – which I am still editing.  Just had to share another favorite. Have a happy Tuesday!

So if you see me out and about, chances are I will have my Kelly Moore bag with me.

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   Well, I pretty much take it everywhere. It is awesome – seriously.  I have the classic bag in grey, and it was a gift from two dear friends. If you are like me and take 300 pictures of your child at the library, music class, the park, wherever, then this bag is totally for you. It is a really pretty bag with a ton of space – mine usually has a camera, flash, an extra lens if needed, diapers, and a snack for little man. I take it shopping, out to eat, and I may have had it at church this morning. The funny thing is – Michael laughs at me because I used to be embarrassed when he would take his camera to basketball games and take pictures. I am now the  mom on the front row with a memory card full of 1,000 pictures in about five minutes.

love, love, love my kelly moore bag!